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Rad Dad Secrets Podcast

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Embrace the Suck
July 06, 2020

No matter how you slice it there will be hard times in life and especially as a Rad Dad. In fact I'd say you can't become a Rad Dad until you've endured a lot of hard things. In this episode we talk about how to embrace the suck and get the

What's Your Game Plan!? You Gotta Have a Strategy and Here's How to Start it!
June 18, 2020

Happiness can be an illusion and being a father can be tough. Follow these simple ideas and start recognizing more happiness in your life and stop chasing the impossible. Creating your own strategy to becoming a Totally Rad Dad is key! We go over and...

Find Your Happiness and Purpose to Be Rad, Dad!
June 04, 2020

We are digging a little deeper into happiness and why it can be so elusive and how we can have more of it! Finding your purpose is one of the biggest steps you can take on your journey to becoming a Totally Rad Dad. In this episode we give you the basic..

How to Live a Rich Full Meaningful Life...What's your Vision, how to make it!
May 13, 2020

We continue to dissect what happiness is and how to obtain long last true happiness not just temporary fleeting feelings of happiness. You will get some tools to find your happiness and we continue the process of becoming a Totally Rad Dad. We cover how..

Friday Five Minute Fatherly Challenge #1
May 08, 2020

These are simple challenges to get you to take action and strengthen the bond you have with you children and physically help you in becoming a Totally Rad Dad!This first challenge is going to get you to listen to your kids and do what THEY want to...

Why is it so difficult to be happy?
May 06, 2020

We're diving into what happiness really is, how we strive to have it but seem to miss it, and how we can have more of it. What are your beliefs? What do they mean to you? They are POWERFUL and you may not even know what your true beliefs are...this p

We're Back for a Season 2 That Is Going To Be BETTER THAN EVER!!!
May 01, 2020

We're excited to kick off Season 2 and excited for our new approach. With the Shelter in Place happening almost everywhere we are having extra stumbling blocks placed in front of us as Rad Dads and family's. Join us this season for inspiration a

Keys to Overcoming Freaking Hard Things in Life and Fatherhood - Interview with SSG Travis Mills
September 10, 2019

Travis Mills is a hilarious father (who loves awkward comedy) that has made the best of some of the hardest things a man can go through. You will enjoy this interview from start to finish and feel like you know him by the end. His story will inspire you t

Enjoy The Good Ones, Acknowledge the Bad Ones, Don't Sweat it and Enjoy The Ride- Interview with Mark Taylor
August 28, 2019

Get ready to enjoy his accent! But he is way more than just an accent, he is a Totally Rad Dad and he shares his real life experiences of fatherhood which started off fast when he married the love of his life who already had two children. Then they add on

Balancing Fatherhood Is An Illusion...Use This Hack To Up Your Time Balancing Act - Interview With Austin LeFevre
August 27, 2019

Awesome awesome interview today with Austin LeFevre! It is so real, open and relatable about fatherhood and there is so much to inspire and elevate our level of Rad Dad'ness! You can visit his successful branding store online at https://www.brandmake