Latest Episodes

Episode 4 – It's Been A Minute
February 28, 2020

Sorry it took me so long to put out another episode, but it's finally here! For this episode I just wanted to be as candid as I could about my mental health struggles and that sometimes it's ok to not be ok. Hope you enjoy this episode. Much love to you a

Episode 3 - Through a New Lens
April 20, 2019

Hi loves! It has been a minute since my last episode, but I'm here! In this episode I go over my craft and how I lost my inspiration with photography, and how I found it again. Oh, and happy 4/20! 

Episode 2 – We're Here and We're Queer
January 21, 2019

My good friend Nic has joined me for this special episode where we talk about what it means to be queer and non-binary. Hope you enjoy this episode! 

Episode 1 - Introduction
January 15, 2019

In this first episode I briefly introduce myself and talk a little bit about my early years and moving to California from the small island of Puerto Rico at the age of 15.