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Barbie and The Bear
August 30, 2023

Why hello sweet podsters. This week, Olivia discusses her itchy hands (and warm heart) as in true, sapphic form, she has acquired a cat! We go deep on Barbie just in time for the end of the #discourse which let's face it, is very us! We discuss the

Who Cares?
August 11, 2023

Look before you ask, yes, we have had a glass of wine. Join us for this BUMPER episode where we let you know all about what we've been up to! From Barbie excitement (yes this episode was recorded before the big Barb release), some top pick books we've r

May 03, 2023

Hello hello jolly podcast sailors, 'tis us, your favourite gals about town with another monthly serving of QUEER LONGING. This month, we recap our jet set lifestyle (Lucy went to Rome and ate delicious food, Olivia went to Valencia and ate mediocre f

She's Been Gooey
March 22, 2023

Oh hi angels! That's right, we're back but don't make a big deal out of it. Nooooo, stop it... put those balloons away. We're shy. In this the first episode of our brand new series we take a look back at what we've been up to. Think:

Queer Longing Author Special: Henry Fry, 'First Time For Everything'
September 14, 2022

We're back for a new season and starting off with another stunning author special. In this episode we were joined by the true human delight that is Henry Fry to discuss his debut novel, 'First Time For Everything', a heart-warming novel which follows prot

Queer Longing Author Special: Calla Henkel, 'Other People's Clothes'
June 08, 2022

And we're back with another banging author! This time we're joined by Calla Henkel to discuss her debut novel 'Other People's Clothes', a darkly comic novel set in the 00's which deals with death, sexuality and toxic friendships. We talked to Calla about

Big Mother, Hacks and Lost: A Retrospective (Plus 'I Don't Agree With It: The Redemption')
June 01, 2022

Hello Hunnis!It's been a while but today we're taking a break from our author special guest series and this episode... it's just family! Dive on in as we catch up on life post literati fame, the latest telly (stand by for our Simon and Mayo-esque t

Queer Longing Author Special: Rosie Wilby, 'The Breakup Monologues'
May 25, 2022

Another week, another stunning author! This week we welcome writer, comedian and fellow podcaster, Rosie Wilby to the pod to talk all things breakups! Rosie's new book 'The Breakup Monologues', which runs alongside her brilliant podcast of the same name,

Queer Longing Author Special: Laura Kay, 'Tell Me Everything'
May 12, 2022

This week we were absolutely thrilled to welcome our first return guest, author and all around hun, Laura Kay! Laura joins us to talk about her new novel 'Tell Me Everything' which details the life and loves of therapist Natasha who goes on a journey of s

Queer Longing Author Special: Leon Craig, 'Parallel Hells'
April 28, 2022

This week we're joined by author Leon Craig to talk about her debut short story collection 'Parallel Hells.' If queer horror effortlessly entwined with traditional folklore and Nicki Minaj's seminal hit 'Anaconda' this truly is the collection for yo