Quantified Ben

Quantified Ben

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#16 – The Number Of Connected Speakers I Own
February 05, 2019

I reflect on the number of connected speakers in my household. I also tackle how much sharing music is an important part of my life. Audience Question: How many connected speakers have you amassed and why do you have that number?

#15 – The Number of Miles in My Commute
February 04, 2019

I meditate upon my long commute to work and whether or not commutes are holding us all back as a society.  Audience Question:How long is your commute and what does it stop you from doing with your life?

#14 – The Number of Quality Hours at Work
February 04, 2019

I get a lot of work done, but usually only one big project per day. If that quality time is eaten up with minutiae, I may not get any big and important work done. I meditate on what quality time actually means.

#13 – Number of Grandparents
February 02, 2019

I reflect upon having exactly 0 grandparents still living and what it means for me and my extended family. It may be a bit somber, but it was super useful to me. Question: How have you dealt with becoming the second oldest generation in your living fam...

#12 – Days Spent Apart
January 29, 2019

Days apart from your spouse do not have to be terrible. In fact, they can bring you closer together. Or, at least that is what I’m hoping. Audience Question: How do you share days, even when you aren’t physically able to do so?