Python Master Degree

Python Master Degree

Latest Episodes

5. Sophomore Year
April 04, 2019

In the fifth episode Dulio answers listener questions and discusses concluding his sophomore year and the decision ahead.

4. Slaying dragons
March 03, 2019

In the fourth episode Dulio takes listener feedback and discusses how to stay motivated as you pursue your self study degree.

3. Getting back up
February 24, 2019

In the third episode Dulio discusses how to deal when life throws your self study plans out and you fall down. Coping with set backs, remembering why you started and getting back up are discussed as Dulio looks forward to finishing his Sophomore year.

2. Freshman Year
January 21, 2019

In the second episode Dulio answers how long to expect the master degree to take by covering his first 44 days of the program. He tells what it was like finishing his Freshman year and being excited about his Sophomore year.

1. The Secret Origin
January 06, 2019

In the first episode Dulio explains the secret origin of the Master Python Degree. Where did it come from, what is all about, and how does this podcast work?