The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast

The Brit and Yankee Craft Beer Podcast

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Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 331-Darin and Matt Riggs: Riggs Beer Company
October 25, 2019

"This week we invite you to spend some time with the Riggs brothers, as the podcast team head down to Urbana IL, and the Riggs Beer Company. This is a fascinating conversation with two accomplished and classically trained brewers who provide a hometown, f

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 330-Barrel of Monks Brewing Part 2
October 17, 2019

"It is the conclusion of our focus on Barrel of Monks, and this time we sit down and taste some of the brews that VP of Operations, Kevin Abbott, brought with him on his trip up to Illinois. Joining us for this session at Church Street Brewing is CSB head

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 329-Kevin Abbott from Barrel of Monks Brewing
October 08, 2019

"We're back from a frantic week at GABF and this time we have the first part of a conversation with Kevin Abbott, Brewer and VP of Operations for Barrel of Monks Brewing, Boca Raton Florida. He was in-town to brew a collaboration with Church Street, and s

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 328-Beer Judge
September 26, 2019

"A shorter show this week as we prepare to head out to GABF. Oswego held the Brew at the Bridge festival this past weekend, and part of that was a homebrew competition sponsored by Oswego Brewing. Head brewer Marc Wilson invited several craft beer chums t

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 327-Oktoberfest 6-Pack
September 19, 2019

"This show was recorded last week but we are releasing it ahead of the Munich Oktoberfest which begins on Saurday. We've randomly selected some selections from local and national breweries, and we have a panel to arbitrarily rate them. You might be surpri

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 326-Big Thorn Farm and Brewery
September 11, 2019

"A special edition of the podcast this week, featuring what we think is the must-visit brewery for all craft beer fans. This is Big Thorn in downstate Georgetown, where Anna and Aaron have created a paradise of grass-roots brewing, creating unique, intere

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 325-Ommegang in the Pub!
August 30, 2019

"We got brewers in the house and a great 6-pack from Brewery Ommegang. Ken McMullen and Chuck Fort are joint co-hosts, and we welcome first-time panelist Alex Drayer from D and G Brewing, and beer nerd Tom Ryan rounds out the group. We didn't want to reco

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 324-O Canada, Do We Like Your Beer?
August 16, 2019

"This is a bittersweet episode - the last one for TJ from Church Street before he heads out to Colorado, but the first in the pub studios for head brewer Eric Bramwell from Riverlands Brewing. The Brit and ex-tavern owner John Karwoski complete the panel

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 323-Chris, Brett and Bill of Blind Pig Brewing
August 09, 2019

"We head downstate to the university town of Champaign IL, and there we find 3 Blind Pigs...actually there are 4 locations, but there are 3 owners and brewers that we chatted with! The Brit teamed up with Ken McMullen to visit with another ex-Brit, owner

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 322-Vacation Beers-Indiana and Ohio 6-pack
July 26, 2019

"We are back from our vacation and we've brought beer! The Brit drove out to New York state via Canada, and returned through the Midwest, picking up some selections of brews along the way. In this show, TJ and Chuck from Church Street Brewing join Illinoi