PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

The One Thing You Must Focus on for Success in Your Physical Therapy Practice with Jerry Durham

March 23, 2020

Jerry Durham is a Physical therapist who learned that PATIENT SUCCESS comes from studying successful businesses and implementing what they have done in a "CUSTOMER FIRST" Culture!!

He has a company called The Client Experience Experience Company that works with multi site practices and practice managers.

He's a Physical Therapist of 25 years who has grown tired of my profession and healthcare NOT truly focusing on our clients, customers and patients!!  Im not afraid to share whats best and not afraid to speak my mind and call out the profession for its many times backwards approach.

 learned from my stack of books, my Business mentors, Entrepreneur Organization AND then doing, doing.

BUSINESS SUCCESS COMES FROM ONE PLACE ONLY..... client and patient success

Your client is on a journey and the better YOU understand that in your business, the MORE successful your clients will be and ultimately the MORE successful YOUR business will be!!

Your Front Desk being the hidden gem in a practice.... the most undervalued, misunderstood and poorly leveraged part of your biz!!

here is an ULTIMATE biz and patient metric that ALL should measure... knowing this 1 metric will tell you more about the HEALTH of your business than any other metric  (completed plans of care)

Your biz culture is defined by your clients journey in your business

THE FUTURE IS NOW....... people are paying more today for our services, people are expecting physio and healthcare to deliver an experience similar to other industries

People are growing tired of ALL the friction points that healthcare and physio put up AND they are willing to pay for LESS friction!!

* PEOPLE PAYING MORE.... (regardless of in or out of network)* People are willing to pay for an experience that has less friction* People ARE expecting better experiences from physio and healthcare