PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

PT Pintcast - Physical Therapy

David Putrino on an esports team with rehab roots and god like abilities

February 17, 2020

David Putrino is back talking about being named "Global Australian of the Year"!

The @QuadGods esports team that's 100% comprised of athletes who are quadriplegic. They describe themselves as, "Passionate gamers who just enjoy having a good time. However we all have very strong personalities, which makes us quite the bunch to be around. We are very much about empowering each other as well as the community. We are the first but we don’t want to be the last!!"

Where his Abilities Research Center (ARC) is sailing to next.

We caught up at Earls Beer & Cheese on the upper west side of Manhattan. You should go there, if you're in NYC and like beer & cheese.

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