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Friday Taco Recipes- Cross Country
February 23, 2019

Good turn out to talk about anything off station.  Covering everything from an over-G in the MOA named "closedpullup", jettisoning your helmet bag, pressing when you shouldn't, and unsuccessfully avoiding weather, to going NORDO, pissing off ATC and

E4. Ground-Ops Instruction
February 19, 2019

A little lengthy, but a valuable walk through on exactly how to go through ground-ops flows. -Overview -What are ground-ops?- 4:30 -Flows/grouping- 8:25 -Preflight Check- 13:40 -Over the Rail/Preflight Callout Overview- 30:30 -Exterior Inspection- 33:55

Friday Taco Recipes- Hooks!
February 02, 2019

Death, taxes and hooks! Some things are just going to happen;  how you deal with it is up to you. We talk about some of the hooks we've had, some we've given out and some weird stuff we've seen.  

Friday Taco Recipes
January 25, 2019

Best enjoyed with a beer. Or some Jeremiah Weed. Whichever you prefer. Dollar ride stories from a few IPs.

E1. UPT Study techniques/Pubs
January 16, 2019

HS/College vs UPT, Prioritizing study subjects, Basic PUBs you will use, Other methods of study, Debrief organization, Flight Training Objectives, Development process (GK->BAC->TM->SA->RM/DM)