The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast

The P.T. Entrepreneur Podcast

E146 | How To Get 500K Instagram Followers With Teddy Willsey

December 17, 2018

Can you imagine having half a million Instagram followers as a physio? I can't either, so I grabbed strength coach turned PT Teddy Wilsey to find out he built the Strength Coach Therapy Instagram account up to 512k followers and how he utilizes this following to drive his digital business.

If you aren't familiar with Teddy Wilsey here is a little bit more about him:

Teddy has been working with athletes since 2008. He first got into the strength and conditioning field working with the University of Pittsburgh’s football team. Teddy worked as a strength and conditioning coach in the Washington, DC area for almost 4 years before going back to school for Physical Therapy.

As both a Physical Therapist and strength and conditioning coach, Teddy works with athletes in a variety of different capacities, from individual rehab and conditioning to team training. Teddy has assumed many roles in the strength and conditioning field, such as coaching at camps, combines, and team programs. To say he leads an active lifestyle would be an understatement he is an avid exerciser and a competitive powerlifter.

Here is how to connect with Teddy Wilsey