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Top Google Ads Agency CEO on the Impact of AI on PPC
February 03, 2023

Kasim Aslam is the CEO of Solutions 8. He is a widely recognized thought leader in the search marketing arena, due to his exceptional track record of delivering exceptional PPC results and driving bus

2023 Affiliate Marketing Roadmap from Anna Gita
January 02, 2023

In this Affiliate Marketing Roadmap for Brands episode of the Earned Media Podcast, Anna Gita, CEO of MaxWeb, one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks, explains what affiliate programs are and ho

Digital Marketing for Wineries (Case Study)
December 27, 2022

Think again if you think digital marketing for wineries is all about social media marketing. While winery marketing for ecommerce may involve Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, it's content ma

SEO for News Sites and Headlines with ESPN.com SEO Director Louisa Frahm
December 09, 2022

SEO for news websites is critical to audience development. If your news can't get found, it can't generate advertiser impressions, leads, revenue, or make a difference. This post is a summary of a

Ex-Google Search Quality Team Member Fili Wiese Opens Technical SEO Kimono
November 18, 2022

Fili Wiese is a former Google Search Engineer and member of the search quality team. I spoke to him after his marketing keynote at the Affiliate Meet Market in Berlin. Tech SEO Topics Covered:

Outsourcing Content Marketing with Laura Smous (Verblio Review)
October 08, 2022

I did not write anything below the subhead in this blog post about content marketing agency outsourcing. The author is Jason Joseph, who writes for a service you can outsource writing to called Ve

Content Marketing at Scale with Enricko Lukman at ContentGrow
September 23, 2022

How do you create content that your prspective buyers and Google will find useful and rank accordingly in SERPs? As the expert in your field, one way is to draft creative content marketing that entert

Overcoming Content Marketing Agency Challenges with Writer Access CEO Byron White
September 08, 2022

If you're in the content marketing agency business and you've never heard of the Writer Access content marketing marketplace, this episode will help you generate more revenue for yourself and your cli

Scoring Media Coverage in Business Insider with Deputy Editor Jake Swearingen
August 25, 2022

This a briefing for PR agencies looking to score coverage in Business Insider with Deputy Editor Jake Swearingen, who has also written for Consumer Reports, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Wired, Sla

Risks and Rewards of Artificial Intelligence with Cade Metz
August 04, 2022

New York Times technology correspondent Cade Metz talks about his new book Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook, and the World, a nonfiction narrative about the tiny clan of artificial intelligence (AI) visionaries who are ra...