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Protrusive Dental Podcast

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Why Should You Avoid Flapless Implants? – GF015
September 22, 2022

Is flapless implant placement really a solid technique? What percentage of cases are amenable to flapless implant placement? The cynic in me wondered if this is indeed a novel technique, or was it

Young Dentist Thrival Guide – First Few Years – IC029
September 17, 2022

As a Dentist, the first years are always the hardest. You have to adjust to unfamiliar situations and people constantly. A newbie's nerves can lead to self-doubt and hesitation whilst navigating this

From Refugee to Protruserati – My Story with Soft Bites – IC028
September 07, 2022

My story of coming to the UK as a refugee from Afghanistan aged 6 and my journey in to Dentistry. I share some tough times and what drives me today. I explained why I think Dentistry was mis-sold to m

Atraumatic Extractions – WHY and HOW? – PDP127
September 02, 2022

Preserve bone, be kinder to the tissues - but NOT necessarily at the expense of time. A great insight in to Atraumatic Extractions from Dr Diyari. Some say that ALL extractions should be atraumatic, a

Principles of Raising Clean Flaps – PDP126
August 30, 2022

Half way in to a tricky extraction you hear a voice..."Maybe now is a time to raise a flap?" You ignore this voice and keep sweating with the luxator in hand, because it has been far too long since

August 23, 2022

My worst nightmare: a patient complaint. We share with you a story of triumph as one of our colleagues SUCCESSFULLY defended a complaint. We reflect on the lessons learned and how to manage compla

Dental Students Episode: Overcoming Fear, Levelling Up and Coping with Failure – IC026
August 18, 2022

Being a dental student is tough - you're learning a clinical and surgical discipline alongside all the challenges of relationships, studying and social interactions. In this episode with Dr. Lincoln H

The Ultimate Dentist with Devang Patel – PDP125
August 11, 2022

We have switched roles! In this episode Jaz gets interviewed by Dr. Devang Patel on The Ultimate Dentist Podcast. The focus here is bigger picture stuff: trying to improve your clinical skills, findin

Retraction Cords and Subgingival Dentistry with Lincoln Harris – PDP124
August 05, 2022

Sub-Gingival dentistry: the dark, scary, bloody world you don't see as much on Instagram. Straight talking Dr Lincoln Harris will help you choose the right retraction cord protocols to reduce your st

Botox for TMD – Indications and Protocols – PDP123
August 02, 2022

When is Botox an appropriate option for the management of Temporomandibular Disorders? Knowing this will help you make better referrals, or even consider Botox as a management strategy. Dr. Sheila Li