The Prostasia Conversations

The Prostasia Conversations

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Prevention research and stigma
October 02, 2020

We talk with Lauren Stevens, a PhD candidate in the Institute of Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth who is researching in child sexual victimisation prevention, about how stigma interferes with this work.

Sex education at all ages
September 01, 2020

Meagan Ingerman talks with August McLaughlin, the author of Girl Boner and host of Girl Boner Radio, about her work in sex education and why it’s never too early to answer childrens’ questions about sex.

How the law failed a survivor
August 02, 2020

Kebryana Jones is an abuse survivor and a victim of sex trafficking as a minor. When the police were called in to rescue her and other girls from abuse, she herself ended up on sex trafficking conspiracy charges,

Consent Counts
June 30, 2020

Susan Wright, founder and spokesperson for the National Coalition on Sexual Freedom (NCSF) chats with Meagan Ingerman about the NCSF’s Consent Counts campaign, how it has been received by police and prosecutors,

How sex workers and technologists fought back against FOSTA
June 01, 2020

Lola Hunt and Eliza Sorensen from sex worker and technologist collective Assembly Four talk about the obstacles they had to overcome in developing their projects Switter and, following the passage of the anti-sexwork law, FOSTA/SESTA.

A new breakthrough in the treatment of pedophilic disorder
May 01, 2020

Christoffer Rahm, Principal Investigator of the Priotab project at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, announces a breakthrough finding about the use of pharmaceuticals to reduce risk factors for some people with pedophilic disorder to commit child sexual a...

Pornography, kink, and child protection
April 05, 2020

Adult movie star Alison Rey comes out about her history of childhood grooming, and what she believes could have prevented it.

EARN IT: The political theater of child protection
February 24, 2020

Professor Eric Goldman from Santa Clara University of Law talks with Jeremy Malcolm about the EARN IT Act, a proposed new law that would require Internet companies to comply with a checklist of child protection safeguards developed by a government comm...

Psychologists and lawyers allied towards rational sex offense laws
February 24, 2020

Law professor Ira Ellman talks with Jeremy Malcolm about bringing together other experts to help judges to make better informed decisions in cases that test the nation’s sexual offense laws. Here are the other resources mentioned by Ira: Sex Offender L...

Decriminalizing non-exploitative, non-coercive sex between adolescents
January 13, 2020

Lucy Minayo is Capacity Building Manager for Africa at the Center for Reproductive Rights. We talk to her about her recent publication that investigates the realities behind the criminalization of noncoercive and nonexploitative consensual sex among ad...