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Bottlenecks to Property Management Profitability Part 2: Poor Accounting
October 03, 2019

 Welcome to The Property Management Show’s second episode in our multi-episode series entitled Bottlenecks to Property Management Profitability. Today, we’re talking about property management accounting.

Bottlenecks to Property Management Profitability: Focusing on the Wrong Activities
September 19, 2019

 The latest series on The Property Management Show podcast is going to focus on the bottlenecks that keep property managers from becoming profitable, growing and increasing their productivity. To kick off this series,

Debunking Privacy Myths for Property Management Companies with Hans Skillrud and Donata Kalnenaite of Termageddon
September 05, 2019

Privacy is suddenly something everyone is talking about, and as a small or medium-sized property management company, you might not think you have to worry too much about it. After all, you’re not Facebook. You’re not Google.

Investment Inception: How to Get Investor Owners to Trust Property Managers, with guest Shawn Johnson
August 22, 2019

 Today we have a pretty cool guest on The Property Management Show Podcast. Shawn Johnson of Independence Capital Property Management is an investor and property manager, and he shares a lot of golden nuggets that will help property managers attract ...

Understanding Responsible Property Management Growth with Eric Wetherington
August 08, 2019

 Eric Wetherington from New Heights Property Management has more than 25 years of experience starting, acquiring, and managing dozens of companies. He is joining The Property Management Show today to discuss responsible property management growth.

Deep Dive into Data-Driven Direct Marketing for Property Management Companies
July 25, 2019

Direct mail marketing for property management is making a comeback, and we have asked Brian Pavek from SmartZip to join us on the podcast to discuss the role data plays in this space. Over the past several years,

So You Married a Property Manager? How to Run a Property Management Business with Your Partner or Spouse
July 11, 2019

Do you know any successful, married property managers? We do. Hoffman Realty is one of the most successful property management companies in the country, and as you’ll soon learn, the owners of that company have a marriage that most of us would envy.

Understanding Workflow Automation for Property Management Companies: When it Works and When it Fails
June 27, 2019

Michael Lushington, the COO of Fourandhalf, joins Brittany and Marie on this week’s episode of The Property Management Show podcast. The guest is Will Gunadi of nextCoder, and the subject is workflow automation for property management companies.

How to Build and Keep a Great Property Management Team with Melissa Prandi
June 13, 2019

Your team represents your property management business, and today we’re talking about the importance of building and keeping a great property management team with Melissa Prandi, of Prandi Property Management.

Due Diligence When Acquiring Property Management Companies: Learning from Chrysztyna Rowek’s Mistakes
May 30, 2019

Chrysztyna Rowek is the owner of Lighthouse Cove Property Management in Washington State and an active member of NARPM. She has gone from cleaning houses to buying/acquiring property management companies, and she joined us on The Property Management Sh...