Promise No Promises!

Promise No Promises!

Tremblez – Caroline Cournède, Daniela Brugger

June 13, 2019

This episode is based on the Symposium on feminism, witches, art and pedagogy, around the exhibition of Doris Stauffer at Centre culturel Suisse in Paris in April 2019. The symposium at Centre culturel Suisse gave the opportunity to contextualize Doris Stauffer within a contemporary discourse, to discuss notions of radical pedagogy, the re-appearance of the figure of the witch in contemporary art and to look into women-networks and movements then and today.

The first roundtable on the figure of the witch in feminist movements and its return in contemporary art presented two exhibition projects on the topic.

The guests speakers are Caroline Cournède and Daniela Brugger, moderated by Anna Colin.