ProdPod, a Productivity Podcast

ProdPod, a Productivity Podcast

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ProdPod: Episode 118 — Pondering Minimalism vis-à-vis Personal Productivity
August 07, 2018

How does minimalism affect your personal productivity? And, is there such a thing as a minimalist approach to productivity? I believe ardently that our physical and digital worlds are a manifestation of our mental-emotional world, so I sought out some an.

ProdPod: Episode 117 — Getting More Resilient (Resilience and Productivity)
March 06, 2018

In the last episode, I defined resilience, or emotional elasticity, as I like to call it. Here, I’d like to detail tactics for bending back into shape faster for more productive output. Read more.

ProdPod: Episode 116 — Resilience and Productivity
July 11, 2017

A few episodes ago I covered several challenges that people face in their productive lives, including overcoming overwhelm, distractions, indecision, procrastination, and burnout. And, in this episode, I am detailing an important emotional skill that one.

ProdPod: Episode 115 -- Thinking INSIDE the Box! (Part 2)
March 03, 2017

In the last episode we learned that the scientific research that told everyone to think outside the box to overcome challenges and to be creative in life and work, was summarily misguided. We can be primed that a box exists, and we’ll still see a box as .

ProdPod: Episode 114 -- Thinking INSIDE the Box! (Part 1)
March 02, 2017

So often I hear the cliché that you need to be an “out of the box” thinker. Creativity and problem-solving (which I feel frequently are synonymous in many circumstances) are, after all, great tools in any productive person’s toolbelt. But, is thinking ou.

ProdPod: Episode 113 -- Limiting Resources for Greater Productivity
March 01, 2017

Intuitively, we know that focus is a fundamental of greater productivity. Broadly and less instinctively, focus manifests heightened productivity by training and straining any resource, including but not limited to attention, time, money, and other resou.

ProdPod: Episode 112 -- Overcoming Burnout: Rest and Rejuvenation for Sustainable Productivity
February 28, 2017

Burnout is a systemic problem not a situational/circumstantial challenge. And, so overcoming burnout is more about how to build systematic “down time” and renewal into your life and work for sustainable productivity. Here are some suggestions for both re.

ProdPod: Episode 111 -- Overcoming Procrastination
February 27, 2017

In Episode 22, I defined procrastination and even gave a few pointers about Procrasti-Doing in Episode 82. In this episode, I’d like to continue the dialog with some tips on overcoming procrastination.

ProdPod: Episode 110 -- Overcoming Indecision
February 25, 2017

Do you have a good idea of how well you manage uncertainty and make decisions? For most people, there is no well-defined strategy for overcoming indecision in their productivity systems. I think everyone should think about how to reduce distress and incr.

ProdPod: Episode 109 -- Overcoming Distractions
February 24, 2017

Without focus, almost nothing can get done. Yet distractions abound in our everyday work and personal lives. Here are some suggestions on overcoming distractions of each kind.