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No Vacancy Home Staging Founder Krisztina Bell on Georgia Business Radio

January 11, 2018

No Vacancy Home Staging Founder Krisztina Bell on Georgia Business Radio
Krisztina Bell
No Vacancy Home Staging

Guest BIO:
Professional home stager, real estate agent and founder of No Vacancy Home Staging, Krisztina Bell brings over 12 years of experience in the real estate marketing and home staging business to her clients. She and her team of home stagers work closely with agents and sellers by providing them a portfolio of home staging services. Her company specializes in transforming any vacant property to be listed for sale into a beautifully staged home that knocks out the competition, creates more attractive photos online and drives buyer traffic instantly for a faster sale! #sellitfaster
The team at No Vacancy along with Krisztina's expert advice and works have been featured on HGTV's House Hunters and The Property Brothers as well as in such publications as Realtor Magazine, The New York Times, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal & Constitution,, and to name a few.
Krisztina also teaches continuing education classes for real estate agents on topics relating to utilizing home staging as a marketing tool to sell any property listing faster. She is the former co-host of the popular Atlanta radio show and podcast "At Home With Paisley Radio Show" which featured interviews with high profile home, design and real estate industry experts as well as HGTV celeb hosts that provided listeners with practical advice and stylish living for the home and office.
Krisztina's Staging Philosophy:
"I follow the golden rule of staging and that is 'Keep it Simple'. I go for classic styles and clean lines because it's all about making those first impressions count!"
Topics to Discuss:
Story / Services / Industry Trends
1.) Introduction - bio info
2.) What is home staging? It's not interior decorating.
3.) What are the benefits of home staging when selling a home?
4.) What should sellers and real estate agents look for when thinking of using a home staging company?
5.) What's trending in home staging in 2018?
6.) Any SPRING home staging tips or advice? Since the real estate season will be upon us soon.
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