Private Banking Strategies

Private Banking Strategies

How to Protect Your Cash Assets in the Midst of Bank Failures (Ep 46)

April 25, 2023

Derivative lending and fractionalized banking systems are doomed to failure.  This banking system only works if the customers of the bank have confidence in the bank.  If confidence evaporates, the depositors “run on the bank” and try to get their money out as fast as possible. This is exactly what happened in the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank only weeks ago.  

In this episode Seth Hicks, Esq. explains why you want to create your own banking system and generate the velocity of money for yourself instead of allowing banks to make money off of your deposits.  Not only is your money asset protected in your own Private Banking Strategy® but you can generate wealth the same way banks do. 

Seth discusses: 

  • What fractional reserve banking is and how it puts you at risk
  • How the velocity of money can work for you 
  • The fallacy of interest rates
  • And more


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