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Prioritizing the Ring
March 18, 2024

Trying some new things in the studio with the mics, checking details in the podcast feed, and just back from a project in Crowne Pointtoday we hit on MARRIAGE! Where to begin?...A few of the issues I address in this episode - Do you like? Share? Commen

Prioritizing The Home Depot
March 11, 2024

With a new level of appreciation for eyeglass wearers everywherewere back in the studio for another recordingone of which has been long-awaited. Have you ever had to replace an appliance? Washerdryerdishwasher? We begin a very long journey with a f

Prioritizing the Memories
March 04, 2024

After a long stretch of very little to no activity within the podcast realmI have returned, and I sincerely appreciate your patience. Too much going on from trips, being on the road, and a few life altering events, however I am back in the studios with

Prioritizing: The Iowa Trip
October 30, 2023

A butler's pantry, a new audiobook, and a little trip to Iowa...what do they all have in common? Find out in this episode of Prioritize! Hope you likes!...A few of the issues I address in this episode - A new book coming out - "The Factory" and I am work

Prioritizing Fatherhood
August 20, 2023

New studio, new pallet wall, and time for a new podcast! Customer service podcast is on the way, a birthday podcast, a trip to Iowa, and many more to come. My son is now helping me with building the Pattern page for future subscribers for exclusive conte

Prioritizing Vegas, Baby! Vegas!
June 21, 2023

My wife and I were deciding on our next getaway...and we were leaning towards Florida fun in the sun...and then she mentioned this! You'll never guess the spiritual encounter we had in Vegas! Enjoy!...A few of the issues I address in this episode - - f

Prioritizing The Cover Up
May 29, 2023

This is a tough one for me, some bad actors from way back, and the evil continues. What does that mean for husbands like you and me? I discuss it in this episode!...A few of the issues I address in this episode - - 2012 - Batman - A Husbands role - C

Prioritizing That One Song
May 01, 2023

Been a while since I've dropped an episode. My apologies. Got a few new fans! Thanks for subscribing (no fee)! Have you ever been flipping through the radio, or Spotify/Apple Music/Whatever...and came across that song that took you back? There are

Prioritizing Date Night
February 22, 2023

You search, and search, and date, and make mistakes, and finally after long have found "The One"! And then you marry...and forget about dating??? What happened? Time to bring it back, and in this episode...we discuss a few ideas, and why it'

Prioritize Letting Go
February 16, 2023

We work hard, maybe play had, buy stuff...and then what...? From stuff in the closets to relationships on the we discuss prioritizing letting go!...A few of the issues I address in this episode - Junk drawersGaragesA recent date with the wi