Primary Care Cures

Primary Care Cures

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Episode # 190 – Dr Kenneth Qiu is Spotting the DPC Trends with a Keen Eye. Here is a Good Listen.
February 03, 2023

In this episode, Ron talks DPCs with Dr. Kenneth Qiu, Founder of EuDoc, & Associate Clinical Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Here, Kenneth discusses what he sees the

Episode # 189 – Katy Talento Returns for Round 3 – She’s Managing the Association for 1 Million Health Care Sharing Ministries Members, Advising Employers and Has a Lot to Say About Transparency and DPC.
December 30, 2022

In this episode Katy Talento, Epidemiologist, Executive Director at Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, & CEO of AllBetter Health rejoins the show for a third time. AllBetter Health is a next-

Episode # 188 – Jonathan Spero Leads Asterias Health and InHouse Physicians – DPC Plus with 1 Million Members at 97% NPS and 95% Renewal Rates. Here is the How and Why.
December 23, 2022

In this episode, Ron chats with JonathanSpero, CEO at InHouse Physicians the powerhouse behind the disruptive innovation he founded Asterias Health. Asterias Health is a next-gen virtual & in-per

Episode # 187 – Viral Patel, MD, CEO of Radish Health has a 4.9 Star Rating, 94% NPS Score from Docs and Offers Mental Health, Nav, and a Registered Dietician to their DPC. Here’s How!
December 06, 2022

In this episode, Ron is joined by Viral Patel, Founder and CEO at Radish Health a highly rated NYC based digital first primary care platform giving employers access to primary care, mental health se

Episode # 186 – Wayne Orchard with Lyric Health is the Largest DPC Provider with 4M Members. Retention of Docs, Members, and Employers are All Impressive. Get Why Here.
December 02, 2022

In this episode, Ron chats with Wayne Orchard, Partner & Executive Vice President at Lyric Health, MyTelemedicine, and GoLexi. Here, they discuss Lyric Health, a fully integrated virtual primary care

Episode # 185 – Satish Srinivasan with DiRx is Showing Us How to Buy Meds at a Fraction of the Costs. Often at Only $3-4 a fill.
November 18, 2022

In this episode, Ron chats withSatishSrinivasan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at DiRx, a digital pharmacy platform that providessavings for thousands of FDA-approved generic drugs with no in

Episode # 184 – Ann Richardson Is the DocWhisperer. She is Letting the Bigs Know a Frontline Exodus is Hitting Them in 2023. Here’s Why and What to Do.
November 11, 2022

In this episode, Ann M. Richardson, a Healthcare Systems Transformation & Operations Consultant with 25+ years of hospital leadership experience, chats with Ron about her work increasing awareness aro

Episode # 183 – Our First Power Couple, Renee Dua and Nick Desai Founded and Lead Renee – A New Offering for Consumers and Employers for Generic Medication Access at a Cost of $25/mo. Also Built In is a Medical Personal Assistant in Your Pocket
November 04, 2022

In this episode, Ron is joined by power couple Dr. Renee Dua & Nick Desai, Co-Founders of Renee, a recently launched digital health assistant and generic medication delivery AI generated platform. Wit

Episode # 182 – Lee Gross MD Back for Another Round. A DPC Pioneer for 20 Years. Advocate at the Highest Levels of State and Federal Government. He Explains Cheaper, Faster, Better Primary Care where Everyone Wins in Hurricane Aftermaths and Pande
October 28, 2022

In this episode, Ron is joined again by thought leader Lee Gross, Co-Founder of Epiphany Health Direct Primary Care, President of Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation, & Chairman of DPC Action. Lee discusse

Episode # 181 – Eric Starkman is Among the Best Investigative Reporters in Healthcare Today. He Shines a Bright Light on the Massive Cracks in Regulation and Delivery of Care in America.
October 21, 2022

This episode, Ron is joined by Eric Starkman, an investigative journalist that uses his experience in crisis counseling, public relations, and financial reporting to help bring to light the threatenin