Primary Care Cures

Primary Care Cures

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Episode # 122 – Zach Zeller Created in ScriptCo Pharmacy, the First Membership Based Pharmacy Where You are Assured Access to Generic Meds at Wholesale Rates for $150/Year. This Changes Everything.
June 11, 2021

In this episode, Ron chats with Zach Zeller, Co-Founder and President of ScriptCo Pharmacy. Here, Zach does a deep dive into the value proposition his company offers to both patients and employers. He shares how people can go on the … Continue reading →

Episode # 121 – We Welcome Back Dave Berg with Redirect Health. He Has Delivered Affordable Primary Care, Physical Medicine and Labs to Over 1,000 Businesses Nationwide. There is No One Better at Squeezing Wasteful Spending from Primary Care than The
June 04, 2021

In this episode, Ron welcomes back Dr. Dave Berg, Chairman of the Board & Co-Founder of Redirect Health. Here, Dave discusses the changes in the healthcare landscape since his last time on the show, specifically with how COVID-19 forced American … Cont...

Episode # 120 – Dave Chase is Back for Round 2 and We Discuss What is Actually Fixed Already Thanks to the Enlightened Advisors at Health Rosetta.
May 28, 2021

In this episode Dave Chase, Co-Founder and CEO of Health Rosetta comes back on the show. Here Dave discusses the story of Forgotten Frank, the hypothetical middle America hardworking guy that has not seen a wage gain in over 20 … Continue reading →

Episode # 119 – Dan Thompson is a Rare Advisor who has 1,500 PCPs on a Software Platform that Alows Them to Have Directly Contracted Patients Sign Up. 15,000 Have, in Just Two Years.
May 21, 2021

In this episode Ron chats with Dan Thompson, CEO of Clinical Wellness Network & Thompson Risk. Here they discuss the work Thompson Risk is doing developing direct contracting solutions for employers. He also does a deep dive into the benefits … Continu...

Episode # 118 – Welcome Back Clinton Phillips, Who Started Medici to Take Virtual Care to a New Level for What Now Has 4,000 Providers and Exceeds 13 Million Patients at 1 in 3 Fortune 100 Companies.
May 14, 2021

In this episode, Ron welcomes Clinton Phillips back on the show. Clinton is the Founder & CEO of Medici and Founder of 2nd.MD. Here he discusses how the healthcare landscape has changed during the pandemic and how his organization was … Continue reading →

Episode # 117 – Direct Contracting is Much Larger than Anyone Thinks. Here’s The What, The Who and The Why it’s Inevitable and Unstoppable With your Host Ron Barshop.
May 11, 2021

In this episode Ron chats about his experiences with direct contracting and his insights into how it is a better way to do healthcare in America. He discusses how direct contracting is better for the doctors, consumer, payer and how … Continue reading →

Episode # 116 – Brand Newland Co-Founded Goldfinch Health to Bring Enhanced Recovery to Surgery – a 20-Year-Old Process with Over 4,000 Studies Being Used Only 5% of the Time. Listen to How it Works and Why it’s Critical in Avoiding Opioids, Complica
May 03, 2021

In this episode Ron chats with Brad Newland, CEO and Co-Founder of Goldfinch Health. Here, Brad does a deep dive in to the work of Goldfinch Health and its mission to help patients better navigate surgery and recovery,

Episode # 115 – Dr. Innocent Clement Runs Evolvd Health, a Functional Medicine Direct Care Monthly Fee Platform That’s Making a Difference in Primary Care.
April 23, 2021

In this episode Ron chats with Dr. Innocent Clement, Founder & CEO of Evolvd Health. Here he discusses his organizations whole body approach to healthcare that encompasses physical, mental, and sexual health.

Episode # 114 – Dr. Robert Pearl lead Kaiser Permanente’s Medical Group of 10,000 Docs to #1 Nationally in Quality and Service. Hear What One of Our Great Thought Leaders has to Say About the New Movements That are Fixing Healthcare.
April 16, 2021

In this episode, Ron chats with healthcare thought leader Dr. Robert Pearl. Here, Dr. Pearl discusses the importance of primary care and how adding 10 primary care physicians to a community increases life expectancy 2.

Episode # 113 – Nice Healthcare is a Venture Funded Virtual and Home Visit Primary Care Offering for Under $40/Family. Meet Co-founder and CEO, Thompson Aderinkomi.
April 09, 2021

In this episode Ron chats with Thompson Aderinkomi, Co-founder and CEO of Nice Healthcare. Here Thompson does a deep dive into the Nice model and what makes them special. He also discusses what inspired him to start the business, his … Continue reading →