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Episode 45 – Bodybuilders that are outstanding in their field
October 22, 2021

What would be more silly than holding a bodybuilding show in a field? Maybe having no where for athletes to change?  How about still charging over £200 to enter even though most of the costs of the sh

Episode 44 – FitXpo special
July 23, 2021

The First Bodybuilding and Fitness Expo Since Lockdown In this special episode of the podcast we talk to Darren Nally and Richard Foster who are behind FitXpo which has been delayed for over a year an

Episode 43 – Old School Bodybuilding VS New Methods
July 20, 2021

Can old tried and tested bodybuilding methods exist alongside the new? Are the old methods the best when it comes to bodybuilding and building muscle? There’s a constant discussion around old methods

Episode 42 – Dean St Mart Part 2 Gut Health
March 31, 2021

Part 2 of our interview with Dr Dean St Mart Gut health is a complex and often misinterpreted topic.  Many gurus talk about it, often wrongly. So we got Dr Dean back on to talk about all things to do

Episode 41 – Listener Questions
January 28, 2021

Nutrition and Training Q&A In this episode Paul and Tom discuss various topics from home workouts to the rise of the online PT. We discuss the best ways to manage home training when you are working fr

Episode 40 – Dr Dean St. Mart
December 25, 2020

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Post Cycle Recovery, Bio Hacking for Bodybuilders Dr Dean St Mart came on the show to talk about the science behind some of the practices employed by bodybuilders in their pursuit of more muscle.

Episode 39 How to become a COVID expert survival guru coach
October 30, 2020

We discuss the legality of forcing gyms to shut in Liverpool which has now been corrected. What it takes to become a new guru covid coach Are people just tired of lockdowns and COVID and should we be working out how to live with the virus

Episode 38 – Maximal Muscle Gains After Lockdown
September 20, 2020

How to make maximal muscle gains after lockdown In this episode we talk about what we think should be your priority in terms of workout construction calories macro splits rest if you want to build maximum muscle now gyms are open after lockdown.

Episode 37
August 21, 2020

Will gyms survive after lockdown? Gyms have now reopened but at what cost to the business?  Has the fear of COVID meant that many people will still stay away and not come back? Gyms run on a tight margin most of the time and the loss of membership has ...

Episode 36
June 28, 2020

Gyms will not open on July 4th Many gym owners and gym goers mistakenly believed that gyms would open on 4th July. We talk about why this was never going to be the case and the reasons behind it. With Elite Performance gym owner Lindsay Bruce on the po...