Pregnancy Help Podcast

Pregnancy Help Podcast

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World Perspectives – Hinduism
February 06, 2023

Ellen Foell, International Program Specialist at Heartbeat International, speaks with Subitsha Pichaimuthu from India about Hinduism and the beliefs surrounding life and abortion. Subitsha explains ho

Navigating the Impossible – Aisha Taylor
January 30, 2023

Aisha Taylor had just quit her job to become a full-time entrepreneur when she found out that she was pregnant with twins. Undecided about her pregnancy decision, Aisha called Planned Parenthood.Alth

Babies Go to Congress and March for Life Recap
January 24, 2023

Heartbeat staff members, Andrea Trudden, Tracie Shellhouse, Terri Fox, Lora Current, and Jessica Warner share about their experiences at the first Babies Go to Congress and March for Life since the Do

FDA Regulations and Chemical Abortion
January 16, 2023

The use of chemical abortion continues to rise, especially now as the FDA has made it more accessible by allowing it to be dispensed by retail pharmacies. In this episode, Jor-El Godsey and Christa Br

World Perspectives – Communism
January 09, 2023

Svetlana Jovanova from Lydia A Beating Heart in Macedonia speaks with Ellen Foell about how Communism has shaped views on family, life, and abortion in her country. Check out our previous episodes t

A Closer Look at the Nativity
December 19, 2022

Heartbeats VP of Ministry Services, Tracie Shellhouse, shares her take on the story of the birth of Christ and how it relates so closely with the work of the pro-life movement. On behalf of Heartbeat

World Perspectives – Islam
December 12, 2022

Ellen Foell, International Program Specialist at Heartbeat International, speaks with Georges Houssney from Horizons International about ministering to the Muslim community. Georges gives us insight i

Trauma-Informed Care During the Christmas Season
December 05, 2022

Valerie Harkins, Housing Specialist at Heartbeat International, interviews Suzanne Burns from Foundation House about serving women during the Christmas season who have experienced trauma. While most o

World Perspectives – Judaism
November 28, 2022

International Program Specialist, Ellen Foell, speaks with Sandy Shoshani from Bead Chaim (Pro-Life Israel) about Jewish culture and how it relates to life issues (including abortion). Join us as we

Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Fearless
November 14, 2022

Heartbeats Vice President of Mission Advancement, Cindi Boston-Bilotta, gave this devotional at our 2017 Annual Conference on Joshua 1:9 about spiritual strength and boldness when facing attacks. Fin