Preacher ‘70

Preacher ‘70

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Merry Christmas From God to You
May 27, 2024

Our eternity depends on what we have done with the Gift God has given us.

A Beautiful Thing 2
May 22, 2024

This sermon was preached in 1977.

What A Gift
May 21, 2024

This sermon was preached in 1978 at Christmastime. How do we wear this Gift? How do we share Him?

Good Guys Who Hated Christ 2
March 09, 2024

This is in a sermon series leading up to the crucifying of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was preached in 1980.

They Didn't Know
March 09, 2024

This sermon was preached during the Lenten season in 1980. It is about forgiveness and love. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

It Is Finished
March 09, 2024

The Scripture is John 19. Jesus paid the ultimate price for all who will accept it. It is finished. The plan of Salvation is complete. This sermon was preached 4/5/1981.

The Crooks Who Died With Him
March 09, 2024

Preached in 1978

Into Thy Hands
March 09, 2024

This sermon was preached on Palm Sunday, 1981. It is obviously about Jesus dying on the Cross for us. Preacher asks the question, "Are you living and dying for that which is worthwhile?" The Scripture is from Luke 23.

Easter Message
March 09, 2024

This is a great Easter Message, preached in April, 1980

Bible Study Lesson #12 about Reconciliation
March 06, 2024

This Bible Study was taught in 1995. We have been reconciled to God through Christ. We are, therefore, Christ's ambassadors.