Conversations as you Go

Conversations as you Go

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26. Floyd McClung – The Word, Works and Wineskins
January 22, 2022

Welcome to the 4th holiday podcast from the archives. In this pod cast Floyd discusses models of Church. He talks about ‘Fresh expressions’ and three movement values that are transferable in many cult

25. Floyd McClung – Crowds, Curious and Committed
January 15, 2022

In our 3rd holiday podcast, we listen to Floyd talking about how Jesus connected with people. He identifies three kinds of people in our worlds. The crowds, the curious and the committed.

24. Floyd McClung – How to start a Discovery Bible Study
January 07, 2022

Our next Holiday podcast from the archives! In his visit with us in 2011 Floyd set the foundations! Here Floyd takes us through the structure of the Discovery Bible Study, the importance of accountabi

23. Floyd McClung – Parable of the Sower
December 17, 2021

It's holidays here down under! It's the time we down tools and jump into Christmas and the summer break. So over this time we are running a series of podcasts from our archives. Floyd McClung visited

22. Steve and Mel – Planting Groups!
December 09, 2021

Meet Steve and Mel Behrens who are key leaders in the far North of Australia. They work with a broad variety of people, from immigrants, tradies and also the indigenous. We unpack 'why did you decide

21. Kelvin and Niro – A passion for the unreached
December 02, 2021

We continue with the theme of passion as we talk to Kelvin and Niro. We unpack how God prepares you for your call. Kelvin and Niro talk about building deeper roots too 'be' a disciple today so you can

20. Scott – A passion to ‘Go’
November 25, 2021

Today we talk with Scott and unpack a passion to 'go'. Scott and his wife Jen have laid down their Australian dream to obey Jesus' great commission. Why would they do this? This podcast un-packs passi

19. Phil Brown – What is Church?
November 18, 2021

Today we listen to Phil Brown from the ministry of Oikos. In this podcast we ask the question 'What is Church?' Phil take us on a journey of discovery the early Church. We discuss women in leadershi

18. Jim Jost – From the archives
November 11, 2021

In this podcast, we listen to a word that Jim gave as as a Praxeis community. As Covid broke out in 2020 Jim prerecorded a message for us. Jim shares his amazing story of mission. We were really bless

17. Jill Birt – Hope and God Making the way
November 06, 2021

From working on the mission field, pastoring churches Jill shares her journey as her husband Peter died in 2012. As a 60 year old widow she wondered ‘Lord what is my life going to be like now?’ Discov