Conversations as you Go

Conversations as you Go

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66. Rodrick Gilbert #2 – Multiplying workers for the harvest field
December 07, 2022

We jump into our second podcast with Rodrick. Here we discuss how to multiply workers for the harvest field.  To focus on Intentional training. This podcast is full of gold! 'A disciple is not a disci

65. Rodrick #1 -Movements in India
November 30, 2022

Dave is speaking from India to Rodrick, an Indian movement leader who visited many of us in Australia back in 2012. Rodrick firstly gives us an insight into what is happening across India today sh

64. Ways of Reaching Out – Paul King
November 21, 2022

We hear from Paul King in Middlesborough UK via a podcast done by Ben from Mission Somerset in England. As we join this podcast half way through, Paul is sharing how he is doing mission. There is so m

63. Roger Hayward #2 – Pursuing movement in New Zealand 
November 14, 2022

Roger joins us again to share how he has stepped back into New Zealand (NZ) amidst the many challenges facing the nation. He speaks about the key lesson of starting with a team and how thankful he is

62. Roger Hayward #1 – God’s puzzle pieces
November 08, 2022

This episode we have the privilege of hearing the journey of Jesus calling Roger, our Praxeis New Zealand leader, to follow him. As a young man at age 17, God launched Rog into global missions. This s

61. Irreducible Elements of Movements and How to Get Started
October 24, 2022

What are the irreducible elements of movements? How can we get started? Drawing on scripture, experienced movements trainer and researcher, Stan joins Dave to answer some of these fundamental question

60. Wisdom and Prayer – Graham and Lynda
October 17, 2022

We hear from Graham and Lynda Wilson from New Zealand (NZ) as they gather with us for Tribe Time in Canberra. Graham and Linda carry a deep heart for prayer and global missions. They are pastoring at

59. Aila Tasse – Starting Churches
October 11, 2022

Aila returns this episode as he brings a training on starting churches as we gather for Tribe Time in Australia. Listen to Aila share stories from East Africa on some of the key principles to seeing

58. Engaging with Lostness
September 29, 2022

Listen to Dave share on Gods vision for lostness from his second sermon at Crossway Baptist Church. Dave reflects on miraculous and inspiring stories from his and Colleens missionary training in Mum

57. Jesus’ last words
September 20, 2022

Jesus' final words to His disciples were, "Go into all the world and make disciples...". More than just a statement to those present at the time, His words commission every believer throughout the age