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Forgetful Sinners
February 05, 2023

God says through Paul that no one can truly be an agnostic. There is enough evidence in creation to know there is an always and all-powerful Creator who is incorruptible and righteous. The problem is

The LORD is our Help
January 29, 2023

Its not a spectacular story compared to some in the Hebrew Scriptures. But it is significant for important reasons. It marked the end of dark time for the children of Israel when they had lost so muc

The Righteous by Faith Shall Live
January 22, 2023

Paul writes to the church in Rome to introduce himself. And to know Paul is to know his passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ. So this lengthy letter from the apostle is more about the salvation mess

The Spirit Enables
January 16, 2023

Acts is crucial for connecting the gospel accounts of Jesus to the collection of letters that make up most of the New Testament books. Acts begins with the resurrected Jesus ascending into heaven triu

Prince of Peace is Lord
January 01, 2023

If we have peace with God from being reconciled through Christ, we can experience the peace of God from living in the Spirit of God. With the Spirit of God within us, we can experience peace within th

The Gospel of Christmas
December 25, 2022

Christmas wouldnt mean as much if it werent for the Resurrection. The Resurrection proved that this descendant of David was (and is) indeed the unique Son of God with power and holiness. And we have

Peace of Mind – Peace of God
December 18, 2022

The Prince of Peace has come to establish peace on earth. The first order of business is Peace with God (reconciling rebellious humans with the Holy God). Having peace with God then sets one up to exp

Peace with God
December 11, 2022

Peace is more than a cool down in hostilities. In Hebrew, Shalom includes a wholeness from righteous rule that brings justice and fruitfulness for all. And that kind of peace can only happen once we

Son of David, Have Mercy
December 04, 2022

David is pretty heroic in Sunday School stories, pretty cringe-worthy at other points in his life. Yet God made a BIG promise to David that people are still talking about it in eternity. God would est

Greater than Moses
November 27, 2022

Moses is kinda a big deal. God Himself called Moses a faithful servant and called him a friend that God spoke to face to face. When everyone else shrank away in fear, Moses answered the call of God to