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Practicology Podcast

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PP074 You’re Golden
June 26, 2022

When the risen Lord Jesus walks among the lampstands in Revelation 1, He is delivering Heaven's verdict on the practices of seven real churches. He is the true judge and He is also the one who knows t

PP073 Anxiety Answers: Diving Deep for Solutions
June 19, 2022

Josh comes back one last time to walk us through Philippians 4:4-7, point us to some resources, and explain how a counselor can help us. Along the way he keeps calling Mike 'Michael' (something Mike q

PP072 The Crucible of Chastening
June 12, 2022

Why do believers suffer? Why does God chasten his people? Because God loves us! He is not trying to make us bitter, but to make us better, and that the life of Jesus may be displayed in our mortal fle

PP071 Anxiety Analysis: Wading in to Where It Comes From
June 05, 2022

Why is there so much anxiety today? Where is it all coming from? To know the cause is often to know the cure (or at least some things that can help). Josh is back to take us through six pieces that co

PP070 The Father of the Bride
May 29, 2022

Paul's heart for the church of God beat in harmony with God's heart. His passion was to see the church maintain a purity of devotion to Christ - but purity of devotion depended on good teaching. Do we

PP069 Anxiety Awareness: Getting Your Feet Wet
May 22, 2022

Christian counsellor Josh Smith joins us to kick off a series on anxiety. In this first episode we raise awareness about anxiety and expose the stigma that (sadly) accompanies it. It's OK to be someon

PP068 What an Awesome Place
May 15, 2022

Just as we expect our own houses to be governed by the values and principles that we hold, so it is with God's household, the church. The local church is like an outpost for Heaven on the earth, with

PP067 “Hi How Are You?” Why Small Talk Is a Big Deal
May 08, 2022

Greeting one another and making small talk can be awkward and feel fake at times. But it's actually a big deal. God himself greets us, and he commands us to greet one another. And when we do so, we're

PP066 A People to Whom You Commit
May 01, 2022

One of the most beautiful and instructive metaphors of the church is that of the body. It teaches us about unity, diversity, and interdependency. Listen as Mike & Matthew talk about the blessing that

PP065 Finding Friends
April 24, 2022

Finding a friend can be one of the greatest joys in life. Not having a friend can be one of life's greatest sorrows. How do we go about finding a friend? The good news for shy people is this: the best