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The Prince | Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 4 Recap
September 29, 2020

This season is flying by, and as we reach the Mid-Season finale, Jeff and Krissy cover an action-packed episode of Ghost! The Prince by Machiavelli serves as the backdrop for how Tariq confronts his opponents and how people from his past could've used ...

Play The Game | Power Book II: Ghost Episode 3 Recap
September 21, 2020

This week on Power After Hours, Jeff and Krissy recap Power Book II: Ghost Season 1 Episode 3 “Play The Game”. The main characters face a crossroards where they have to either conform to the rules or have the audacity to challenge them.

Exceeding Expectations | Power Book II: Ghost Episode 2 Recap
September 14, 2020

This week on Power After Hours, Krissy and Jeff dive into episode 2 of Power Book II: Ghost “Exceeding Expectations” They discuss the insidious intersection of the law and politics, the final farewell for Ghost, Maclean vs.

The Stranger | Power Book II: Ghost Episode 1 Recap
September 07, 2020

The Power After Hours crew is back to continue the journey with Tariq St. Patrick in Power Book 2: Ghost! Jeff and Krissy discuss Tariq and Tasha’s life after the repercussions of the OG Power Finale. Tariq’s balance with school and the game,

Power After Hours Episode 615 Recap – “Exactly How We Planned”
February 11, 2020

All good things must come to an end... - Jeff and Krissy close the chapter on Power (Book 1) after 5 years of podding. We give our take on the finale, the season, and our thoughts on the legacy of this show.

Power After Hours Episode 614 Recap – “Reversal of Fortune”
January 28, 2020

Jeff and Krissy are back to review the penultimate episode of Power! We get the Tate-Centric episode, which meant to show the motives he had to kill Ghost, but this turned into a referendum on the commonly agreed upon uselessness of the Paz episode,

Power After Hours Episode 613 Recap – “It’s All Your Fault”
January 21, 2020

Jeff and Krissy recap the most highly anticipated episode: The TOMMY episode! We follow Tommy’s life from the moment he kills Benny to dodging the mob, avenging Keisha’s death and more. Did we get more answers or questions?

Power After Hours Episode 612 Recap – “He Always Wins”
January 14, 2020

Jeff and Krissy Link up to talk all things Paz... even though they aren't hyped about it. No shade to Elizabeth Rodriguez, who killed the role, but they did her no favors by keeping her in the background for most of the season...

Power After Hours Episode 611 Recap – “Still Dre”
January 07, 2020

Jeff and Krissy are back for the final 5 episodes of Power! First, they get into the pitfalls of cybersecurity and why two-factor authentication should be a mantra for all social media users. Then they get into the show.

Power After Hours Episode 610 Recap – “No One Can Stop Me”
November 05, 2019

We have reached the "mid-season" finale... and needless to say we are FED UP! While this episode has its moments, there's too many plot holes and inconsistencies to ignore. We explore every suspects motive in the #WhoShotGhost mystery,