Power Of The Purse Podcast

Power Of The Purse Podcast

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Episode 89: Doctor Me First
November 24, 2020

Today onPower of the Purse,Im talking to Errin Weisman, DO, a life coach, podcaster, and fierce wellness advocate who helps inspire female physicians and working moms to do the work they love and a

Episode 88: Financial Fitness: The Younger Our Kids Learn About Money The Better
November 17, 2020

Financial Fitness Trainer Tracey Bissett joins us to explain how financial health can be improved just like physical health and the practical building blocks to do so. Shes a passionate believer tha

Episode 87: Making a Commitment To Helping Others with Bari Zahn
November 04, 2020

Bari Zahn operates as a tax attorney, business advisor, and General Counsel and has represented a broad array of multinational clients on U.S. and Cross-Border transactions across all industry sectors. Bari reveals what motivated her to become an attor...

Episode 86: A Badass Woman with A Purpose
July 08, 2020

Mary Crafts chats with us about making decisions out of love rather than fear. Mary Crafts built what would become the most renowned catering company in Utah. That multi-million dollar empire became the launching pad for so much more.

Episode 85: The Power of Women Giving as One with Wendy Steele
June 24, 2020

Wendy Steele reminds us that this country started as men being the breadwinners and women staying at home to raise the kids. When women had more time on their hands, they volunteered, rolled up their sleeves, and did the work. We do so much better,

Episode 84: Why Did I Come Into This Room? A Candid Conversation About Aging
June 18, 2020

Joan Lunden shares her personal stories and expertise as both a Boomer woman and an accomplished television personality of over 20 years. Joan starts off by talking about life in the spotlight. Being highly recognizable and appearing on national televi...

Episode 83: Women on Top…of the Money Game
June 11, 2020

Isnt it time you used your wealth to make a difference in the world? Haleh Moddasser shares her personal stories and professional expertise as both a Boomer woman and an accomplished wealth managemen

Episode 82: Planning for Financial Independence with Haleh Moddasser
February 19, 2020

Episode 82: Haleh Moddasser chats with us about how women can plan for financial independence, utilize our control of our wealth, and create change in a man-centric world. Haleh Moddasser, author of

Episode 81: Nancy Giere gives us a comic take on life, dating, business, and success
December 11, 2019

Nancy Giere is a motivational speaker, voice-over performer, and comedic entrepreneur who’s Sicilan background has bred a lifelong commitment to finding the humor in all things. She is also the host of “Laugh at First Swipe”,

Episode 80: Marguerita Cheng explains how women belong in the financial world and sheds light on the 4 things we should teach our children to ensure their financial literacy
November 27, 2019

Marguerita Cheng is the Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth. Shes the spokesperson for the AARP Financial Freedom Campaign and has a long list of credentials that make her an expert i