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Jigar Shah, Alternative Energy Entrepreneur is on the Positive Phil Show
January 01, 2024

Jigar Shah is the director of the Loan Programs Office in the US Department of Energy. Shah gained prominence as an American clean energy entrepreneur, author and podcast host. Shah is known for work

Real Estate Billionaire & New York Times Best Selling Author Craig Hall is on the Positive Phil Show
September 04, 2023

Craig Hall is an entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, vintner and philanthropist. He formed HALL Group in 1968 at age 18 with $4,000 saved from small ventures that began at age 10. Today, HALL Group’s diversified business interests include...

Positive Story of the Power of The Human Spirit
June 28, 2023

in a bustling city filled with dreams and aspirations, there was a young man named Alex. Alex had always been fascinated by the power of the human spirit and its ability to overcome any obstacle. He b

Webull.com CEO Anthony Denier is on the show with over 15M Stock Investors
February 14, 2023

This episode is brought to you by NEOVOLTA(NASDAQ: NEOV) https://www.globenewswire.com/Tracker?data=JMWymZvdLhUOXUfhbIWvEuZua1vfkyCamnLW19xDjaF6D8ANB509NxzAy-o_jt8MOXN9To-2kt8JhQVSMP_vBQ==, manufa

Billionaire, Self Made...Dr. Gary Michelson is on the Positive Phil Show.
October 13, 2022

Gary Michelson is on the show....Dr. Gary Michelson is a board certified orthopedic spinal surgeon, inventor of more than 990 patents throughout the world, the founder and funder of three private fo

Jeff Webb Built a Multi-Billion Dollar Cheerleading Brand While Enhancing an Entire Industry, "Cheerleading Entrepreneur"
October 13, 2022

Jeff Webb, President of the International Cheer Union, the Founder of Varsity Spirit, and the father of modern cheerleading over the course of his 40-year business journey has gone from starting his c

Motivate Yourself to Make Positive Changes!
June 12, 2022

Motivate Yourself to Make Positive Changes!Inspiring conversations behind how people grow business, movements, ideas & a bit about civic grace. Hi, I'm Positive Phil. https://www.positivephil.com

Billionaire Latina Women Nina Vaca is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civic leader.
May 13, 2022

Nina Vaca is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civic leader. She is best known as the Chairman and CEO of Pinnacle Group, which was named the Fastest-Growing Women-Owned Business in the Un

Strength Comes from Struggles. Video Entrepreneur Co-Founder of Animoto.com Jason Hsiao
May 11, 2022

Jason's the Co-Founder & Chief Video Officer at Animoto, the company that makes it easy for anyone to create online videos. Prior to Animoto, Jason served as a television producer for MTV & Comedy Central. He currently resides in New York City....

Listen To What Makes This Successful Entrepreneur Smile
February 28, 2022

Stefan Weitz from Radial Chats with Positive Phil. Radial is the leader in omnichannel commerce technology and operations, enabling brands and retailers to profitably exceed retail customer expectatio