Political Economy with Jim Pethokoukis

Political Economy with Jim Pethokoukis

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Kimberly Clausing: The progressive case for globalization
January 15, 2020

On this episode, Kimberly Clausing makes the progressive case for globalization, describing how free trade and immigration are good for Americans while also stressing that more can be done to help those adversely affected by free trade.

Peter Klenow: Reflections on a decade of slow economic growth
January 08, 2020

On this episode, Peter Klenow discusses the state of economic growth in America and considers the factors that may influence GDP and productivity growth in the future.

Lori Ann LaRocco: Trade wars have consequences
January 01, 2020

On this episode, Lori Ann LaRocco reflects on the effects of the United States' trade war with China, and the future of US-China trade relations in light of the recently announced Phase One trade deal.

Will Rinehart: Big Tech, broadband access, and artificial intelligence
December 18, 2019

On this episode, Will Rinehart discusses criticisms of Google, Facebook, and Amazon, defending them against charges of corporate concentration and exploitative data use. We also discuss rural broadband access and the best policies to advance artificial...

Daniel Shoag: Reduce inequality and boost growth by building more housing
December 11, 2019

On this episode, Daniel Shoag talks to us about why housing prices have skyrocketed in many cities, and how this could be fixed in order to unlock a great deal of economic potential.

Dalibor Rohac on globalism, nationalism, and conservatism
December 04, 2019

On this episode, Dalibor Rohac joins us to make the case for a globalist approach to international relations in an era where the political mainstream has taken a nationalist turn.

Stephen Davies on the origins and future of the wealth explosion
November 27, 2019

On this episode, economic historian Stephen Davies discusses his new book, The Wealth Explosion. He explains the origins of Western prosperity, and he discusses how the world can maintain and extend this prosperity.

Bryan Caplan on open borders
November 20, 2019

According to George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan, both the United States and the rest of the world would benefit greatly if they opened their borders and allowed anyone in the world to live and work wherever they chose.

Enrico Moretti on tech hubs and economic opportunity
November 13, 2019

On this episode, Enrico Moretti discusses how high-tech clusters can be better governed, and he evaluates policies that might boost economic opportunity in areas that have been left behind.

Carl Benedikt Frey on the technology trap
November 06, 2019

On this episode, Carl Benedikt Frey assesses the possible effects of automation on employment and economic growth in both the short and long term.