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Poise to Shine

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[WSTW 26] How To Live Happy As Global Citizen With Monére Renoir
September 03, 2019

Monére is an intercultural architect and life coach, on a mission to support expacts, global citizens and trailing spouses in navigating the difficulties of settling in a new country and building a new life away from home. She guides her clients through:

[WSTW 25] Innovate & Collaborate To Elevate Your Business
June 15, 2019

In this new podcast episode, I interviewed Alison Cupples, Business Processes Expert (the wonder woman of admin!). ⭐ Alison created her business in 2015 by offering services as a Virtual Assistant to small businesses across the UK.  However she notic

[WSTW 24] How Mindfulness Can Change Your Business With Susan Jimenez
May 31, 2019

 Susan Jimenez is a video strategist and filmmaker, empowering women by bringing their stories to life using the power of video. Susan is an Aussie based in the Netherlands, loves to teach others how to create videos with ease and confidence, and lev

[WSTW 23] Create Your Next Chapter With Peggy Haymes
May 19, 2019

Why does every conversation about midlife have to be about a crisis? Peggy Haymes embraces the mission of changing that conversation for women in midlife. She brings a rich background of training and experience to the work of coaching and supporting women

[WSTW 22] Be Prepared For A Miracle To Happen With Lou Stokes
May 13, 2019

Style & confidence coach, certified yoga & meditation instructor, published author and International speaker, Lou helps women to transform from the inside out through self-love, energy, confidence and style to become the magnetic women they were born to b

[WSTW 21] Own Your Story With Kay Fabella
April 28, 2019

Kay Fabella is a storyteller and brand strategist, who helps pivoting entrepreneurs uplevel their business by upgrading their story.  A Los Angeles native based in Madrid, Spain, she helps solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies find and share their stories

[WSTW 20] Lead With Your Values with Susan-Jane Rome
April 23, 2019

Susan-Jane Rome is a Mindset, Confidence & Leadership Coach with almost 30 years of experience coaching, transforming and empowering entrepreneurs, lightworkers and creatives. Born and raised in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, now lives in the heart o

[WSTW 19] How To Tame Your Dragon With Janneke den Draak
April 15, 2019

Janneke den Draak helps PC users dictate their texts directly into their Windows computer with Dragon speech recognition software. She also teaches people to use their Windows computers virtually hands-free, if they have difficulty using the mouse or keyb

[WSTW 18] Doing Business From The Heart With Kc Rossi
April 08, 2019

Kc Rossi is a Holistic Business Mentor. She helps women solopreneurs make more money while they're making a difference in the world. Her integrative approach includes step-by-step business guidance AND the mindset shifts necessary to squash things like se

[WSTW 17] Creating Success as Corporate Refugee with Cathy Topping
April 01, 2019

Cathy is a corporate refugee turned entrepreneur. She helps businesses to scale their income and impact through online courses and programs as Digital Strategist.Using her years of experience as a designer and online marketer, she focuses her strategy,