Jeremy Mifsud (Poetry)

Jeremy Mifsud (Poetry)

Latest Episodes

Spoken Word Poetry: Earthly Wonders
May 16, 2019

"Earthly Wonders" is a poem that Animal Heart Press published in May 2019 as part of their featured artist series.

Spoken Word Poetry: "Archetypes" & "Blossom"
March 08, 2019

The two poems, "Archetypes" and "Blossom" appear in my book, "Welcome to the Sombre Days", which was published a year ago! Both poems have strong elements of growing up queer, and I am happy to finally give my silent youth a voice.

Spoken Word Poetry: Thinking of You
March 01, 2019

Thinking of You conveys both heartbreak and desperate love in one cluster of emotions.

Spoken Word Poetry: Looking for Beauty
February 22, 2019

Jeremy read his poem, "Looking for Beauty", which was published by Constellate Literary Journal. The poem was inspired by the lack of nature in Malta, and with how we often tend to harm our environment.

Spoken Word Poetry: Butterfly Wings
February 14, 2019

"Butterfly Wings" is a micro-poem has been published on Nightingale and Sparrow's Instagram to promote their inaugural issue, "Flight", released on 14th February.

Spoken Word Poetry: A Queer Hymn Sung by an Atheist
February 08, 2019

Jeremy Mifsud reads his poem, "A Queer Hymn Sung by an Atheist", which was first published in Terse Journal. 

Spoken Word Poetry: Skyline
February 01, 2019

Jeremy Mifsud reads the poem Skyline, which was first published in the third issue of Lucent Dreaming. The poem anthropomorphises the death of a polluted city.  

Spoken Word Poetry: Welcome to the Sombre Days
January 25, 2019

Jeremy Mifsud reads the titular poem from his book, Welcome to the Sombre Days.