Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

Building Your Pipe Dream: Nick Gemmell on Oil and Gas Pitch – Pitch014

October 07, 2020

Can you have an amazing life of love, success, and balance while spending long stints abroad in the oil and gas industry?!

Here we are: in the oil and gas business, committed to our careers, all the people we love, overcoming life’s obstacles on the constant, and wanting to be the best possible version of ourselves.

But, does it feel completely overwhelming? How come the connection to the people we care most about…is being taxed the worst?

This episode of O&G Pitch will change your life!  Learn how one pipe fitter who lost it all found harmony and balance…and brought his own life back from the ruins. And now, he wants to help YOU do the same. This is YOUR life. And, in it… your friends, your family, and your career.

Listen in as Nick Gemmell shares this life changing philosophy that will get you back to full, connect you to the present, and offer you the chance to live what others call a “Pipe Dream”.

Nick’s Website: http://www.pipedreamsolution.com/ 

And find him on LinkedIn using: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickgemmell 

And Instagram: @pipedreamsolution


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