Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

Appian on Oil and Gas Pitch – Pitch010

August 19, 2020

Meet Glenn Healy, and learn about the magic that happens when companies explore the Appian solution and the “Appian Guarantee”.
Appian is said to be the triple crown leader — in automation, low-code, and case management.
Why are so many well known companies, oil and gas operators, the dept of defense, and so many others choosing Appian?
This interview with Appian’s Glenn Healey, shows us how the Oil and Gas Industry and it’s servicing companies are leveraging the capabilities offered through Appian and it’s teams
We discuss applications, dragging/dropping multiple program’s into ONE platform, and many other ways companies and institutions are simplifying their business model through integration.
Learn how executives and every level of your organization can benefit from the ability to go from idea…to application. This creates almost immediate solutions to complicated and redundant processes, procedures, and the list goes on!
Connect with APPIAN here: www.appian.com
Want to connect with Glenn? https://www.linkedin.com/in/glenn-healy-13a4312
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