Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

Oil and Gas PITCH Podcast

WellAware on Oil and Gas Pitch – PITCH 008

June 26, 2020

When it comes to equipment and machinery, and having the ability to “make machines talk”… the buzz associated with WellAware and it’s claim to turn any piece of equipment into a data source was something we knew we wanted to learn more about. 
It’s easy to imagine the many benefits of adding on-demand information capabilities and the remote control accesses learned about here in this episode.   
Can WellAware actually help you access critical feedback from a worksite or manufacturing plant…while “anywhere”? 
How does WellAware turn any piece of equipment into a data source that helps you operate and maintain equipment at a new level…while simultaneously converting the machine into a remote access piece of equipment? 
Listen in, as WellAware’s Founder & CEO Matt Harrison, sits down with O&G Pitch Host, Warren Spiwak as we uncover everything we can about WellAware and it’s ability to help your company be safer, more efficient, and more sustainable by streaming analytics-quality data between your people and assets, enabling remote monitoring and so MUCH MORE.
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