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Crutch Words in Podcasting – PCI 259

September 02, 2021

Um, uh, so, ya know? We all have crutch words we use in podcasting and there are ways to combat this small issue. While it won't kill your show, excessive use of crutch words in podcasting aren't appreciated by listeners. MacKenzie fills in for Todd this week and she chats with Mike about some industry news, Blubrry releases and tries to help explain caching in a non-tech way.
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Recorded in central Ohio and northern Michigan; here’s Podcast Insider.


Delta Airlines bringing (expanding) podcasts to their in-flight entertainment

Zack Reneau-Wedeen has left Google Podcasts. He’s been heading Google Podcasts for the past few years.
Google Podcasts getting a fresh UI
All the sessions from PM21 in Nashville are now all available on the PM virtual platform

Evo Terra released his podcast listening app manifesto

Jon Stewart is coming to podcasting! The Problem with Jon Stewart

Best Practice
Crutch words in podcasting. Um, don't use them?

Blubrry News

New Dashboard: The beta is out; check it out at the top of the dashboard. Let us know what you think!

Todd is at Dragon Con in Atlanta this weekend. If you are in the area, check it out!

Blog Post: Are Women Dominating Podcasting? By Tara O’Brien

PowerPress 8.7.2 is out, taking care of a few minor bugs and more importantly, we added a video to the readme on WordPress.org. See a copy here: https://youtu.be/xdoc0VaAZt)

Blubrry Pro Tip
Having your podcast on your website, The Blubrry Way!

Question(s) of the Week
Question: What is caching? Why, as a podcaster, should I care?
Answer: Without getting too geeky, caching is a web technology that allows dynamically generated webpages to load quicker. It generates the webpage and stores it in memory for a time and serves it up to all visitors instead of generating the page every time. This also works for RSS feeds. When you change something in your RSS feed (add an episode) the RSS feed may be cached without the new episode. Once the cache is cleared, your new episode will be in the feed.
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