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The Importance of Podcast Audio – PCI 256

August 12, 2021

As sound is the main part of your show, the podcast audio can make or break a podcast sometimes. The importance of podcast audio can not be understated, it affects the show in many ways and can also be managed in many ways. We discuss how to get certain sounds and why it's so important in the first place.
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Todd and Mike Recap of Podcast Movement last week

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Lucille Ball has a podcast?

Google Podcast changes: You must have the tag in your RSS feed (back to your website) to be recommended in Google Podcasts.

International Podcast Day announces BIG changes for 2021

Best Practice
YouTube: How do you use YouTube for your podcast?

Direct upload or live with true video

Headliner videos, better than a still shot video

Audio with still shot

Full length or snippet

Blubrry News

From our blog: What is your call to action? by Kim Krajci

Focus on Features: Blubrry Advanced Stats

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Blubrry Pro Tips
Have a Sound Focus: Why Good Sound is Important from Toby, on the Blubrry Pro team.

Question(s) of the Week
Question: What’s the best way to cut down on background noise/extra sounds when you don’t have an official sound booth?
Answer: Toby talked about the WHY in the pro tip, this question gets to the how.
Do your best to record in a quiet place or a quiet time of the day.
You can try some of these things:

Use a dynamic microphone. Condensers are for a ‘soundproof booth’ Dynamics are for the rest of us.

Turn off any noise makers you don’t need. Such as heat, A/C, fans, laptops, or anything else that makes noise in the room.

Use the noise gate function if your setup has one.

You can turn down the gain of your mic and get much closer.

Edit the levels and add noise gate in post production (editing).

Don’t worry about them and call it ambiance :)

The noise filters in most audio editing software are not great. Most will make you sound underwater if you use it too much.
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