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Podcast Trade Shows – PCI 253

July 22, 2021

As we prepare to head to Podcast Movement in a few short weeks, we go over some tips whenever you attend podcast trade shows. While very fun, informative and invigorating, conferences can also be extremely tiring and perhaps not turn out to be what you hoped for. Tune in to hear what you should do to get the most out of any conference or trade show you attend.

Pocket Casts acquired from NPR, by Automatic Inc.

iOS 14.7 fixes the Apple Podcasts download bug

She Rates Dogs co-host Mat George killed in a hit and run in LA

Airplane Geeks “Editor at Large” Brad “Launchpad” Marzari killed in an airplane crash 

Morning Wire launched on Monday, a new podcast to compete in the daily news category

For car people, TheDetroitBureau.com launched a new podcast called The Headlight News

Best Practice: Trade shows

Drink lots of water. You wont' regret it.

Pick your sessions you want to go to before the show starts.

Pick an alternative just in case the one you want to see is not what you thought it was.

Most of the networking happens after-hours or in the hallways or on the show floor, not in the sessions.

Have fun but don’t drink too much.

Take notes or get business cards (if they use them) from people you meet.

Visit the booths on the show floor, you might learn something new.

Visit the small venders as well. Someday, they might be big and you may have made a good contact.

Blubrry News

Recent Blog Post: Do you really need a co-host? By Meryl Klemow.

PowerPress 8.5.7 was released this week. Mostly bug fixes for our network features.

Todd is speaking live at Podcast Movement (twice). If you are going to be there, check it out!

Mike will be speaking at Podcast Movement on the virtual track: “Why you need a website for your podcast”. Even if you can’t go to Nashville next month, check out the virtual version.

Blubrry Pro Tips
Preparing Your Guests by Kate from The Blubrry Pro team. Find the prep list on their website.

Edwin K. Morris Because You Need to Know Podcast
Pioneer Knowledge Services

Question(s) of the Week
Question: I want to stop podcasting. Do I have to pay my podcast host to keep my episodes online?
Answer: Yes, Blubrry and most other hosts will remove your episodes after you cancel your hosting plan. It’s just like the electric bill, you still have a minimum payment even if you never turn on a light that month. In podcast hosting, you have to keep the plan open to keep the files stored online. Most hosts (Blubrry included) allow you to switch to the lowest plan and ALL your back episodes will stay online.
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