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Apple Updates: Paying for Podcasts – PCI 248

June 17, 2021

Paying for podcasts, while uncommon is now also available directly through Apple Podcasts. The latest Apple update released channels and subscriptions for podcasts this week and we're anxious to see how many podcasters and listeners choose to dip their foot into the deep end.
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Apple Podcasts channels and subscriptions are LIVE

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International Women’s Podcast Awards is looking for nominations

Call Her Daddy is going exclusive on Spotify, who paid $60 million

EU changes to copyright guidelines

Podcasting is open to ridicule

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Should you have separate social media accounts for your podcast? Pros and cons

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Question(s) of the Week 
Question: Hi Blubrry! How are you going to be supporting the Apple Podcasts paid subscriptions? I don’t see anything about it on your site.
Answer: Subscriptions in Apple Podcasts are 100% on Apple. Your website and your podcast host (no matter who it is) has nothing to do with this. Think of it like YouTube (sort of). You don’t upload or do anything outside of YouTube to publish a video, it’s 100% on their platform. This is Apple’s version of this and its audio and/or video. The difference is people have to have a paid subscription to listen or watch your content on that system.
Short answer is no, we will not be doing anything for Apple Subscriptions (or Spotify or Patreon or any other closed system). It’s a different distribution method, technically, not a traditional podcast. All other podcasts work mostly like they used to. Apple pulls them in via RSS and people can listen and “FOLLOW” (instead of subscribe) just like before.
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