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And the Winner Is… Podcasting Awards Shows – PCI 244

May 20, 2021

The Ambies are considered to be one of the first major awards shows for podcasting and kicked off this past weekend. Guesting on the podcast this week, Barry Kantz from the team discusses multiple podcasting awards shows and interview techniques. Last but not least, get to know a bit more about category podcasting and channel podcasting and how you can really learn the difference between the two in our upcoming webinars.
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No live recording included this episode.

The first Ambies Awards were given out on Sunday by the Podcast Academy. 

The Webbys Podcast category winners

And yet MORE awards, the Headliner Awards.

Jim Harold published episode 500 of Campfire, congratulations Jim!
38% of Canadians listen to podcasts, based on Edison Research Infinite Dial Canada.

Google testing an RSS ‘Follow’ button for Chrome. Seems eerily similar to Google Reader anyone.


Best Practice:
Interview Prep and Technique

Outlines, are guests participating in creating said outline?

Quick conversation before recording starts
Let the conversation happen
Big thing, listen to the answers from your interviewee, just in case there is a follow up question that makes more sense than what you have written down.  People want to hear your guest talk, not you :)

Blubrry News:

PowerPress Webinar next Thursday at 3pm EST. If you can’t make it live, sign up here.

We are planning and getting ready to go to live events again.  What events are YOU going to or thinking of going to? Podcast Movement, Podfest, She Podcasts, NABShow or others? We plan on being at all of these. Where else would you think we should go? Let us know!  Marketing@blubrry.com

Blog post: Secrets of the Podcaster’s Mindset by Troy Price.

If you want to write for Podcast Insider Blog, like Troy does, contact marketing@blubrry.com

Interview: Meet the Team
Barry Kantz, CFO and General Counsel
Home Based Travel Agent Show
Question(s) of the Week 
Question: I want to do two podcasts from one WordPress site using PowerPress, preferably using either Channels or Category Podcasting. What is the difference between Category Podcasting and Podcast Channels and which one should I use?

Podcast Channels are great if you want to do a video version and an audio version of the same show.  Also, it’s good for 1 or 2 extra shows. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t scale well.  Any more than about 5 channels gets really hard to keep things separate.

Channels can also be used for doing a paid podcast using 3rd party membership plugins (so your show isn’t stuck on one platform)

Category Podcasting is great if you are going to do a BUNCH of podcasts or a small/medium network of more than 3 or 4 shows. The disadvantage of Category podcasting is the main podcast feed from the site has ALL the episodes (that might be an advantage) but it’s not a good way to add 1 more show as you have to move the main show to a category feed to keep them separate.

Interesting fact, We have a PowerPress user that has 750+ category feeds from one WordPress site (and some say WordPress can’t handle podcast feeds…)
Check out our two new webinars early June, on Category and Channel Podcasting. Look for sign up links soon.

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