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Are You an Indie Podcaster? – PCI 243

May 13, 2021

How would you define yourself as a podcast host? Are you an indie podcaster? Or are you doing this for your career or leapt into what some might consider a professional podcaster? It's up to you as the host or creator to put such label on yourself if you want, but here at Blubrry, we know that most podcasters are labeled independent and would claim as such.

Don't let our discussion on indie vs. professional stop you from learning about the industry as a whole, for example, IAB recently stated that they think podcast advertising revenue will reach 2 billion by 2023. When you hear of Dax Shepherd's podcast going exclusive soon and that Wondery+ is also going to do podcast subscriptions as well, it's not hard to believe.

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IAB predicts $2 billion in ad revenue by 2023

Coming soon: New tweaks for Apple Podcasts app

SiriusXM, Pandora, and Stitcher Advertising is now SXM Media

Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert is going Spotify exclusive July 1st

Wondery+ (owned by Amazon) is going to join Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

CNN bringing the The Handoff to Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Outlier Podcast Festival is coming up May 27-28th, for free!

Is RSS dead?

Topic of discussion:
Are you an indie podcaster?
As podcasters, most of us start off doing everything for our shows.  Show prep, hosting/talent, recording, editing, publishing, ad sales, program manager and chief bottle washer. This way of doing things gives you control; for your brand, your editorial (you can say what you want) and any revenue your show brings in.
Some of us farm out parts of the above roles. Like having help for show prep or having an editor, but for the most part, it’s still independent.

Blubrry News:

PowerPress 8.6.2 has been released.

Sticking to a Podcast Schedule by David Day

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Question(s) of the Week:
Question: I started a podcast two weeks ago in audio format and film it for YouTube. Then we edit the video part and add in photos and some special effects. It’s so much work to do it this way. Would have been way easier to just do the audio format. For those of you with experience, am I wasting my time filming and editing and putting it on YouTube?
Answer: No, it’s not a total waste of time, but editing the video may be overkill. For this show, we stream live on all the platforms so when we are done, we have a YouTube video already there and a Facebook video, however we do not edit the video. We record the audio separately which we have professionally edited by the Blubrry Pro Production team.
This week Mike will be sharing his finding on his show notes experiment. As in how show notes display in each directory or app. I have a part two of this experiment running on a different podcast and I will be able to get a bit deeper later on.
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