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How Many Podcasters Are There? – PCI 238

April 08, 2021

As a podcaster, it's good to have an overview of the industry as a whole. Such as, how many podcasts are there? That's an easy answer, over 2 million as of spring 2021. However, once you start to look at the shows individually, can all of them really be counted?
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Religion is no longer the largest category of podcasts (at Apple Podcasts)

Numbers that make you think: 26% of all shows in Apple Podcasts have just one episode

Are there really over 2 million podcasts? Yes, but maybe no.

Wondery, recently purchased by Amazon, is looking to double its staff with nearly 75 job openings.

Canadian Podcast award nominations are open until April 30th.

Apple launched a new exclusive podcast, in a promotion strategy with the release of a new TV show.

Spotify quietly removing more Joe Rogan episodes.

Best Practice: 
Send your listeners to your website. Do not focus on  sending listeners to one platform. You can list (and link) all of their options such as Google, Spotify, etc on your website.

Blubrry News:

PowerPress 8.5.5  is out!

PowerPress 8.6 is currently in internal beta. New stats widget and some UI tweaks.  If you would like to beta test PowerPress 8.6, email mike@blubrry.com.

RIAA takedowns for copyrighted music are on the upswing.  Be careful!

Question(s) of the Week 
Question: Craig on the Blubrry Facebook Group “If I post my podcast via WordPress and make the visibility "private" will it still post to my public RSS feed?”
Answer: No. The post being published and public is required for the episode to get into the RSS feed. Using PowerPress, it creates a podcast feed from your blog posts. That being what it does, all posts that are public and have a podcast episode file attached as an enclosure, will be in the RSS feed. Blogging and podcasting are the same thing. If you make a blog post private, it does not show up in syndication feeds. If it’s public and published, it will go into the RSS feed.
Question 2: “I recently switched website hosts and now my RSS feed is coming up with an error 404 Not Found. Any suggestions on how to fix this?”
Answer 2: The problem is on the new host, your permalinks are set to default (plain) in WordPress settings. That causes your feed address to change to https://domain.com/?feed=podcast instead of https://domain.com/feed/podcast/. Set your permalinks to “post name” or anything other than “plain” and it will correct the feed address.
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This week, I plan to air my top 10 podcasting grievances
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