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To Subscribe or Follow, That is the Podcast Question – PCI 234

March 12, 2021

Podcasting is always changing, and that's certainly been the case this week. Starting out with a change in Apple Podcasts, changing the option from Subscribe to Follow. Multiple acquisitions are in the works and the yearly Infinite Dial results were presented earlier this week. Podcasts are growing in popularity, again.
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Apple Podcasts changing the word Subscribe to Follow inside their app.

Entercom acquires Podcorn.

Podchaser acquires Podrover and Podcharts.

Last week the Podcast Academy unveiled nominees for The Ambies, check out is a link to the list.

More people listening to podcasts than ever before, based on the Edison Research Infinite Dial 2021.

Google Podcasts adding Like and Dislike to tweak your episode recommendations.

Best Practice: What do you want your podcast to accomplish?

Set a goal for your podcast. What do you want out podcasting?

Are you podcasting for fun?

Are you podcasting to make money?

Are you podcasting to promote a business?

Are you podcasting to learn or be an expert in a subject? (both can be true at the same time).

Do you want to be famous?

There is no wrong answer. Just be clear on what you want to do.

Blubrry News:

PowerPress 8.5.3, featuring Podcast Index tags, out now!

PowerPress training webinar on March 25th at 3pm EDT. We will go over the new tags in PowerPress.

Women’s History Month on Podcast Insider. Women’s voices ring across the history of podcasting.

Next week we’ll have an interview with Jenny Wheeler and her show The Joys of Binge Reading

Question(s) of the Week:
Question: I want to rebrand my podcast. What are the steps needed to do that?
Answer: Here is a little checklist that will help you make sure you get it rebranded correctly.

Change the feed title.

Change the podcast artwork.

Change the feed description and the Apple descriptions to match the new name.

Change the website’s domain name.

If you change the domain name on the site or move to a new site, do a 301 redirect of the RSS feed. (Leave the old domain/site up for at least 30 days with the redirect in place).

Give Apple and the other syndication points time to update the name/image; normally three days or so.

Spotify is different, you may have to change the feed address in Spotify if you moved the feed or contact your hosting provider to make the change.

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