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Future Podcast Related Releases from Apple – PCI 229

February 04, 2021

There are some podcast related releases coming from Apple in the near future, and Todd and Mike are here to discuss them. For Apple Watch and Apple iPhone, look out for new content as well as UI.

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Time To Walk comes to Apple Fitness+. Check out their new content specifically for Apple Watches.

Ever want to be a newscaster? Daily news podcast host wanted.

Apple’s iOS 14.5 coming with some cool updates including a few UI changes for Apple Podcasts.

Spotify reports they have 2.2 million podcasts on their platform.

BLK Pod Collective and StreamYard putting on “The Business of Podcasting Summit” on March 6th, virtually of course.

Blubrry podcaster, Maxwell Ivey Jr. is trying for the Holman Prize. See his pitch video here: https://youtu.be/MXdl396Fr8Q

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Blubrry News:

Phase one of the dashboard update at Blubrry.com is out.

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Question(s) of the Week 
Question: From Joshua on Facebook “Curious - is there any way of knowing what CFNetworks is on our statistics?”
Answer: CFNetworks is a Framework for developers of iOS apps.  A lot of podcast apps on iOS use it such as, but not limited to Amazon, NPR One, Skipcast and more. Basically, it’s an iOS app that downloaded your episode but not necessarily the Apple Podcasts app itself. In a lot of cases these apps use a 'user agent' so we can tell you which app. However, some of them do not always use a separate user agent. They are legitimate downloads but we cannot be identified as a particular app, so we report it as CFNetwork in the stats.
On Saturday’s Podcast Help Desk episode: What is a 301 redirect? …and why you might need one for your podcast feed. https://www.podcasthelpdesk.com
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