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Podcast Intro Dos and Don’ts – PCI 222

December 17, 2020

A well crafted podcast intro can make a significant difference to the listeners, and as such, creators should learn some podcast intro dos and don'ts. Todd and Mike made intros the main focus of this episode but they didn't leave out some news going on such as some new podcasters joining Spotify, estimations on how long Rogan will stay there, and research on podcast listening habits.
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Harry and Meghan sign with Spotify to produce podcasts.

Podcast Taxonomy Project White Paper. A worthwhile read to understand where the podcast industry is headed.

Adam Curry predicts Joe Rogan will be back to open podcasting within a year.

Pew Research says more people are turning to podcasting for news.

Countless end of 2020 best podcast lists are coming out. What are the pros and cons of these lists.

Best Practice: Podcast Intro Dos and Don'ts
When done correctly a podcast intro can not only keep a listener around for that episode, but bring that back consistently.

Do a shorter live-voiced intro or just cold start
Read more dos here.
Don’t make them too long

Don’t make them sound too much different than the main show

Blubrry News:

Blubrry holiday hours: Half days on 24/31 and completely off the 25/1. Also some team members are out the week in-between.

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Question(s) of the Week:
Question: What is your favorite podcast listening app? And why?
Mike: I use Overcast for my personal podcast listening. If you have an iPhone, it seems to be the best one for me because it’s just organized well and Marco (the developer) really keeps it up to date.  Also, you have the ability to put in any RSS feed and subscribe without it having to be in the overcast directory.
Being that I have to test with just about every one of them out there, I have android and IOS and many podcast apps. My favorite on Android is a tie between Podcast Addict and Pocket Casts.
Todd: Personal listening, Apple Podcasts. Other, Overcast.
On Saturday’s Podcast Help Desk episode, 'What is RSS and why you should care?'.
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