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Daniel J. Lewis – The Audacity to Podcast – PCI 174

January 16, 2020

Three long-time podcasters on the show this episode of Podcast Insider; Todd Cochrane, Mike Dell and special guest, Daniel J. Lewis. They discuss current industry news and even get into a case from many years ago concerning patents and podcasting.

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This week on Podcast Insider...

iHeartMedia announces technology transformation and new organizational structure, aka layoffs.
Spotify - Podcast Producer for 'Owned Channels': Looking for a job, give this a shot.
Podcast Patent Troll: This is case is finally over!
DJL: Luminary is slashing prices
Consent in podcast directories: Are you being asked to add your show to apps or directories?
DJL: Podcast related jobs: From Apple Jan. 13,14,15.

Best Practice:

Be everywhere you reasonably can be, your podcast that is. This means in podcast apps and directories; the more syndication, the better.

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Daniel J. Lewis - The Audacity to Podcast

Directory update times: Apple, Google, Spotify and whatever other directory or app can take time to update.  24 hours is not abnormal.
Known issue with Divi version 4. Issue with RSS enclosures. Use default WordPress editor for Podcast posts.
Determining how much space you have left for the month on your Blubrry hosting plan.

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Coming at you this week from Convo By Design with Todd and Daniel in Columbus, Ohio and Mike Dell’s World Studio in Traverse City, Michigan. Produced by the Blubrry Pro-Production team.

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