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On the Road with Blubrry’s Podcast Pioneers – PCI 390

April 04, 2024
A recap of the Mid-America Trucking Show and Podcast Movement Evolutions, featuring an interview with our April Podcaster of the Month, Cheryl Jones

In this enlightening episode of our podcast, Todd and Mike recap their experiences at two conferences they attend in March: the Mid-America Trucking Show and Podcast Movement Evolutions. Getting into the the details of these conferences, buzzing with innovation, inspiration, and insightful exchanges.

They share their experiences with keynote speeches that set new directions for the future of podcasting and reflect on the informative and inspiring conversations with today’s creators speaking on some of our latest releases, specifically Vid2Pod and PAI, our Podcast AI Assistant.

This episode packs in valuable takeaways, trend predictions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses from some of the industry’s most anticipated gatherings. Don’t miss out on this comprehensive recap that promises to fuel your passion for podcasting and perhaps, inspire your next big idea.

Today’s Hosts: Todd Cochrane and Mike Dell
Mid-America Trucking Show
  • More commonly called, MATS
  • Mike attended this show to talk with truckers who want to or have a podcast
  • Spoke with people about Vid2Pod for YouTubers that want audio podcasts as well
  • One of the networks with Blubrry is PodWheels powered by Radio Nemo
  • A massive conference overall
Podcast Movement Evolutions
  • More B2B than other podcast events
  • Had some great conversations with partners, potential partners and organizations that are or will be doing podcasts
  • Onboarded a Vid2Pod show from YouTube (now a podcaster)
  • Reviewed our new podcast ai assistant, PAI
April Podcaster of the Month, Cheryl Jones

Read more about Cheryl and her show here; her show is Thrive 55+ Podcast.

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