Podcasting with Park

Podcasting with Park

Park Podcasting with the Pro's, featuring Paul Mooney

November 05, 2020


Park Podcast with the Pro’s

In this series of podcasts we will be inviting in a selection of experts in their field to discuss issues that impact our working lives, current trends and challenges.

This week we are delighted to welcome Paul Mooney, Senior Stylist from 4 York Street who is here to discuss his experience, the challenges surrounding recent times, changes made and how that has effected working life as well as a general conversation of the impact that the way we look can have on the rest of our lives.

One could wonder what this has to do with recruitment?.....when it comes to self-image and confidence this can have a huge impact on an individuals self-belief thus their job search so we thought we would get all the goss and see how things are!