Latest Episodes

Episode 7 - Day 53
September 09, 2019

With their pizza delivery still nowhere in sight, Matt and Ryan venture into the nearby jungle in desperate need of food. Special guest: Winston!

Episode 6 - Day 38
April 15, 2019

The boys talk pizza and celebrity impressions with their new friend, Wayne Jetski.

Episode 5 - Day 37
April 01, 2019

A police detective comes to the island to investigate the disappearance of surf legend Chazz Newman. Matt and Ryan play dumb and talk the detective into being a guest on their podcast.

Episode 4 - Day 30
March 18, 2019

Matt and Ryan hike up the island volcano in order to complete a ritual sacrifice. Special guest: Surf legend Chazz Newman

Episode 3 - Day 19
March 04, 2019

Matt and Ryan discuss TV shows that they miss, theme songs, and the other side of the island. Special guest: Mr. Knife

Episode 2 - Day 10
February 19, 2019

Matt gets up close and personal with the shark. Ryan starts a band. Also, poetry time!

Episode 1 - Day 7
February 04, 2019

Best friends Ryan and Matt are stranded on a desert island and quickly running out of food. Special guest: Seal