Podcast Inglês Online

Podcast Inglês Online

Podcast: Keeping busy during coronavirus

March 27, 2020

Hello! How’s it going? Hoje o podcast é sobre… o que mais poderia ser? Sim, o coronavírus – mas com um twist voltado ao entretenimento, ou, pelo menos, ao bom uso do tempo para aqueles que estão fazendo social distancing, self-isolation ou quarantine.


Hi, everyone. How are you guys? This is Ana Luiza of Inglês Online with a new podcast episode, and… We’re in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and it’s all everyone talks about. Everywhere you look it’s coronavirus… There is no news anymore, there’s nothing else that people talk about now. It’s like the world has been brought to a halt and coronavirus is the only thing going on.

If you’re sick, if you’re at home… Especially if you’re sick, I wish you all the best. I hope you’re doing better and taking care of yourself and I hope you get all the help you need and that you have a good rest, and that you fully recover.

I wanted to give us all a break and instead of talking about all the problems and issues, and the suffering that has been brought on by coronavirus, I thought I would just talk a little bit about what I’m doing and what some people I know are doing while we self-isolate… Because from what I understand, you guys in Brazil are doing the same: self-isolating. Some people are probably in quarantine depending whether you tested positive for the virus or not… So I thought it would be just a good topic.

This morning I had a conversation with some people that I know. There were some people there that I’ve worked with in the past and one of the people present has had coronavirus. And he is someone that had very mild symptoms, but his partner got it bad and was very sick for a couple of weeks and they’re both now fine… But anyway, one of the things that I’ve been doing with this amount of free time that I have now is watching old comedies and one of the comedies I watched was Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams. It’s a super old movie – I think it’s from the 90s or from the early 2000s. I don’t remember, but it’s old!

I remember watching it a long time ago and I remember that I liked it and you know what? It holds up! When I watched it last week I had a good time. It was fun, I laughed. I’m kind of now going through a list of, sort of older comedies because my favorites are comedies. I don’t want to watch drama or violent movies or even adventure. I’ll just pass for now – I really want to go for the comedies.

I’m going through a list of the best, most popular comedies from the 90s, from the early 2000s… And I’m going to watch some of those again. And I’m having a good time! Other people in this group that I talked to today… They said they’re doing the same thing. They’re watching reruns of old TV shows… Someone said they were watching Friends, others said that they’re taking the time to really clean their house or organize their drawers, clean out the closet, donate some clothes, stuff like that.

And cleaning my house is something that I’m really going to do, because I’ve been keeping my house relatively clean. But I have to say… with all this free time that I have now I think it’s time for a spring cleaning. I’m really going to go for it.

Let me know, please let me know: What are you doing? What is your family doing? What are the people you know doing in this strange, unprecedented situation that we’re going through? Let me know in the comments – I’d like to hear from you. Talk to you soon. Bye!


in the midst of = no meio de/da

the world has been brought to a halt = o mundo foi paralisado/interrompido

mild symptoms = sintomas leves/moderados

it holds up = continua bom, ainda dá para o gasto

reruns = reprises

spring cleaning = limpeza/faxina geral. Época do ano em que as pessoas aproveitam pra reorganizar a casa depois do inverno

unprecedented = nunca antes vista